Sunday, May 04, 2014

[Running] Borneo International Marathon 2014

Most anticipated race in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah held annually around early May.  Just cause here, in KK, there's not much running events.  I find myself registering whenever registration announced.  This year, I've decided to get back to Full Marathon again.  I've set up for a 6 months runkeeper training program for "Beginner marathon to finish" (just in case you're wondering, here's a link to runkeeper).  Not a beginner but I don't think I can even run 42km for 5 hours, yet.  I haven't stop running since last year's final race which was the BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon which was held around October last year.  I should have blogged about it cause I PB (personal best) my Half Marathon and it was fun!  Like never a dull moment fun!  I'll leave that for another time.

Vague memory is vague, I think I started my actually training program with Pammie and Rizwan in December 2013? Everything was good till I overdid my training (too much hill training or run too fast or running downhill like a madwoman or did not rest enough, either one of these is the culprit) and got injured real bad around end of February.  I didn't know what was going on for a month.  Off running till I feel no pain.  Went to full body massage twice thinking that I might pulled a nerve and tried fixing it, nope, I was still walking funny.  Went to the doctor and was on nerve and painkillers for 3 weeks or so (meds make me wake up cranky and depressed *hates).  Went for physio at Sport Care Plus at Likas twice and went for a 10km test run (easy pace) the next day.  Mind you, I was still sort of working out by walking or hiking (my so called low impact exercise is not low impact at all *chuckled).  I constantly get scolded by close friends for being stubborn.  I think some of my friends know me too well.  But you can't put a leash on a mule (or whatever or however the saying goes lols, I have no idea what I'm trying to relate this sentence to ehehe).  Nope that ain't it either.  I actually couldn't pin-point the source of the pain for so long that finally in the end, a runner friend arranged for an x-ray at the Hospital.  I had my hip, pelvic, groin and spine x-rayed.  Finally, found out the cause of my problem.

Here's an x-ray of my groin area lols *awkward.

I'm not sure if you can see it from this unclear photo taking skills.  But my pubis symphysis is overused.  In other words, my left inner thigh (adductor muscles) is strained.  

 Image from Google

Apart from that, I'm also suffered from oteitis pubis, which is a noninfectious inflammation of the pubis symphysis.  On the initial impact which when I did my 12km (you don't wanna know how fast I was going while trying to ignore the pain), my whole left leg well sort of was immobilized, I was standing on my right leg and I had to slide when going into the car (thank god I still can drive).  Cut story short, went to doctor, found out cause of it and was on physio at the hospital for a month.  And the doctor advised me to temporary stop doing active exercise like running, hiking or jumping (my thought = SHIT!).  I took up swimming and yoga instead hehe.  Lots of light (boring) exercise from physio and treatment (ultrasound, ice pack and hot pack my groin/adductor *awkward!), yoga helps with recovery.  Went to re-review last 30th April and doctor gave me the greenlight to "slowly" get back to active activities.  Well I did told her that I'm planning to run the Borneo International Marathon this year.  Hoping for the best.  Many advised me not to and just rest.  Resting drives me nuts, and I kid you not.  I was thrilled.  I went  for a short run (plan for a 10km easy run), but I was overheating and only manage to run 6.5km.  Panic!  I had another test run on treadmill, 5km, overheat also, my thought that moment, I'm so screwed.  Still on a positive side, did a 30 minutes warm up, seems okay, I actually thought it's the current crazy KK weather.  Crazy hot weather.  Like 34 degrees hot everyday oh god why!?

In the end, I decided to just wing it!  No, I'm not crazy, I just wanna run.

Race pack collection on Thursday with Pammie and Rizwan in the morning.  

Was with Beverly hunting for running attire and her accompanying me for brunch.  My bro, Blek was there to accompany me also.

"Poisoned" her to a runner friend's booth at BIM Race Pack Collection at Suria Sabah.  *SUCCESSKID!  If anyone wants to get running skirts, go to Hobbies Sportswear, their facebook page here and website here.  I actually know the owner from joining marathon in KL.  I think it was like I was browsing through his photos for photos of me during one of the marathon in KL.  It's my first time meeting him in real life.  I'm inspired by his running activities.  Meet Kh Tang.  I know he supports running events in Sabah (spotted him at BIM and Climbathon).

Anyways, here's an collage of my race pack.

I was rushing for boardgame session with the guys but it's okay.  Played for more than 2 hours and it was fun!

King of Tokyo, I wrote about this before, the difference is we're playing with expansion and lots of cool stuff.  I'll blog about it some other time.

Neways, the day finally came.  Excited since Pammie decided to run even though she have class later that day.  I had a hard time trying to sleep the night before, who in their right mind would sleep as early as 7pm?  Oh wai- I know somebody who does that.  I managed to sleep at 8:30pm to 11:15pm.  Thanks to both my sis for attempting to wake me up.  But I sort of auto woke up on time.  Had light breakfast, showered and got ready, left the house by 12:30 midnight.  Meet up with Rizwan at the parking and we waited for Pammie at the entrance.  Look who greeted us at the entrance.  The fun Mohan!  This would be the second time I meet him.  The first was at BIM 2012 when I did my first marathon.  He saved me at 30km and I learnt some neat stuff from him about enjoying the run.  

You can't miss him when running cause he'll be blowing the whistle.  You'll get all pump up and want to run even when you feel like giving up.  Running is more fun with him around.

Some of the peeps I met for the first time and running their first full marathon.  Two of them I know from instagram!  Funny how running brings people together.  And of course, the usual friendly faces.

More photos, from Pammie and Kh Tang (who's running the HM) respectively.

Morning excitement, still happy faces.  Race starts at 3am.  Full marathon participants increased this year to 900.  Total participants of the category is 7000.  Not massive but slowly, we'll get there.

The initial plan was to start slow with the gang, at 7:30 pace/km and gradually increase it along the way.  Did not happen.  I didn't realize I was away from the pack, when I realize it, I was running alone, oh god.  I was running with the ipod.  But the awesome thing about it is, I met people I know along the way.  It was fun!  I was doing fine maintaining probably around 7-7:30 pace/km till I hit the wall at 15km, that poking feeling again.  *gulp.  It happened when there's an elevation.  Trying to stay positive at that moment was terribly hard.  I was in pain and was battling with myself.  I decided to walk it off and tried running again till I reach UMS hills, nope, can't run.  Tried to slowly push through the pain but I was trying to put less impact on my left leg and was relying on my right leg so much that I strained my right thigh.  I can't remember how many times I stop at Aid station for spray.  The pain was overwhelming.  I was in the state of breaking down.  Runner friends who passed me was checking on me along the way and gave words of encouragement, I didn't wanna give up.  1km at a time.  I can do it! That's what I thought.  Till I went all the way to 29km,  overwhelming pain.  Everyone was catching up and I was left behind.  Pammie manage to keep up with me.  She suffered blisters on both her foot *ouch.  We decided to just finish it.  It wasn't easy.  Our final 12km in hot burning sun.  We end up walking for the most of it.  I was pushed to my limit.  I seriously wanna give up.  Both of us did.  We were complaining and tried to stay positive.  

Watermelon on our way back is so awesome!  

To cut story short, we finally reach the finishing line after 7 hours.  Finish strong!  In pain, still can show smiley face and running.  Rizwan called to check where we were.  We told him to get ready to snap us.  LOLS!  And here's the photo hehe.

My garmin died on me at 6 hours 30 or 40 something minutes.  We reached the finishing line after 7 hours, in pain!  Got our finisher t-shirt and medal!

I couldn't be bothered by food.  I was hungry but I lost my appetite.  All I wanted are ice cold sweet drinks.

Disappointed that I didn't get to take photos with some of the peeps I look forward to meet.  I was in the verge of crying.  But I hold it in as long as I can.  I was in my car chilling blasting aircond and was accompanied by text messages hee~

My 3rd full marathon experience.  Worst timing and injury ever!

BIM organizers did an awesome job in organizing this event, though I wish the sponge were cold.  Cold water! Need cold water.  I know it has been hot for few days but did not realize it was 35 frigging degrees!  Trauma from running this year's BIM.  If you're interested in joining next year's race, check the page, here.

Other souvenirs,

1.  Sunburn!  Dual skin toning fuuuuuuuuuuu~ hey I got invisible socks.

Forever alone.  Nobody would wanna date me now lmao.  So emo rofl.

2.  Swollen right thigh.  Got image but it'd be so weird for me to be showing my thigh.  Like standing up is so painful.

3.  Busted toe nails.  I just poked this to let the blood clot out.  HAHAHA cause I'm badass!  Oh my veins so visible, I looked so old!  

4.  Walking funny.

Overall, it's all good.  I should rest till I'm fully healed before I attempt my next race.  Except my next race is on end of May! Gonna wing it again.  Most probably.  See you at Sundown Singapore!  Yet another full marathon.  Never learn from lesson.  Also, put on sunblock and check forecast.  

Puts on aloe vera gel.

Achievement:  2011 - 2014 (2 HM and 2 FM).

Will I ever run full marathon again? NEVER!  Or should I say never say never.  Wait till I lose my sanity again.  I think I'll take MC tomorrow and reschedule my physio appointment.  Huhu~

Thanks for reading my super long post.  I wanna faint ody.


  1. I thought you told before SCKLM malas mo lari full already? Hihihi

    Great job despite all the issues.

    1. This year mo motivate friend who's running full for the first time. Manatau saya pulak yang injured. Next year real sudah. Xmo buat full dah. Serik.

  2. Hahah! I like the "Walk Funny" part! hahah! I'm walking funny myself now.

    1. My family members sometimes don't understand why I put myself through so much pain. But they also had their share of fun laughing at my misery. Hehe. Jaga durang.

  3. Still, so inspiring Massy! Two thumbs up!!!....I think i can slowly understand ur need to run. Yesterday, when people congratulated me for finishing my first HM and asked if i would want to upgrade to FM next year...I said firmly that I have yet visualize myself doing a full. Doing half pun mau kapus2 i said....but this morning, as I was mind was wandering about doing a full. Unconsciously, I was telling myself that I CAN run a full, provided that I do consistent training. Then I realized that I was already visualizing myself running a full. Padahal baru kemarin cakap belum dapat visualize. Hahaha....Anyways, you did great Mas! And I doubt you'll stop running FM ever.

    1. Thank u chegu carol. Hehehe we will have to see if it's really gonna happen. Baru the other day a friend wanted to try running full for next year minta tolong train. Kalau se sail in the same boat adui I dunno la. Ada masalah kali se lol. Bagus ni sdh visualise, ada tu nda sedar register full lol. XD

  4. hiya Mas;

    i sort of wonder visiting ur endomondo page a few months before BIM why with the low mileage, i thought u were doing some special hidden training somewhere offline... :p but never thought that you suffer such a serious injury... hope tat it get well soon.. and rest more lah... but i doubt u will be since u got another FM coming end of this month in spore... but i know you will be back next year stronger and running in some crazy pace again..

    1. Hi,

      It's frustrating not being able to run my "crazy" pace, still trying to slowly get back to where I was, hopefully next year can come back stronger but maybe I lay off FM for awhile. Thank u! I hope I can do better for Sundown.

      At least I know for a fact I won't burn under the hot sun again yay~

  5. wah..very inspiring story..glad u didn't gave up and managed to finish the run..been wondering how do u poke ur toe nails to let the blood clot out?cuz im having blood clot in one of my toe ugly to see..will the blood clot gone by themselves kah?

    1. Bernard, it's not advisable to poke the toenail to let the blood out. But I use tweezer hehehe. Make sure it's clean so ur toe don't get infected. It's annoying to be walking with a busted nail kan? Now I'm toenailless again coz I pulled the nail off the toe ody hee~

      Thanks for reading :) and glad u enjoyed reading through my "pain" kekeke.

    2. i see..wut?toenailless?ouch! so much pain..yaba..buruk ba my toenail with blood clot..hmm..ur way of doing it seem too extreme for me..guess im going to see doctor about my toenail..haha

    3. yeah go doctor, ask him/her to pull it off so can grow and less painful. Yes, I think I'm kinda extreme in that department, did it few times already from misc sports hehe~ now no nails but at least don't look so ugly hahaha.