Tuesday, September 02, 2014

[Running] Sutera Harbour 7k Charity Sunset Run 2014

This post is long overdue.

I have been running this charity run since 2010 and just like any year, as soon as they are open for registration, I quickly go register, not sure why I am excited all the time.  Registration was at Marina Sutera Harbour the reception counter, you can't miss it.

Eventhough it's short distance and crowded, I don't mind running it.  Support for charity.  Registration fee for adult is RM30 and for students is RM20.  I remembered the first time I went was with my brother.  This year's shirt has a better fitting compared to the previous years. Yay!

This charity run was held on 23rd August 2014 at 5:17pm.  Just like the previous years, we start at Pacific Sutera Harbour Tennis Court.  Distance 7km.  Recorded less than 7km.  I usually have a group of people to run with but this year I guess I am alone.  Well not really, I have a bunch of other group of friends who is running it but we didn't plan to meet up or anything like that.  Even so, I was lucky that Ida was in town to do her recovery run yay!  Planned to go early cause scared no parking.  Opt to park at Harbour City which is located opposite of Sutera Harbour is always a good choice.  Left home at around 3pm with a headache, I am guessing it's from the lack of sleep.  Had a boardgame session the night before it ended at 3am lols.

Met Bev and her bf at Harbour City while waiting for Ida.  Took a bunch of photo with her.  Also with some other people I know.  Glad she was with me.  She's like my personal helper in terms of taking photos.  I feel bad keep asking her to do it.  I owe you big time!  Waited around, stretched a bit.  She told me that it's gonna be like her recovery run and since I had somewhat recovered from my HTTR sores (well obviously since I did 2 recovery runs in the rain before this run *chuckled), I decided to just try to do easy pace.  Somewhat.

And when the countdown started and everybody started running/walking.  I made my way through the crowd like I always did.  Last year I had to chase my pacer, this year I was somewhat running alone.  I was zig-zagging all the way till somebody came from behind and took a photo of me, while running!  Guess who? Erwan! HAHAHAH I am amazed with this camera's stabilizer or it's his stable hands?  Mad skills bro!
After that, he ninja-ed his way through the crowd again.  I u-turned and increased my speed, make my way towards the exit to the main road.  Skipped the first water station eventhough I felt slightly thirsty, wanted to finish it as soon as possible.  Weather didn't help a bit, it was warm and I felt like I was burnt at a stake.  Not like I know how that really feels like but pretty much (exaggerate).

Kept running but slowed down towards Wawasan Plaza, reached the check-point and u-turn.  Hey, did we run through that roundabout last year? Vaguely remembers.  Ran back, met  a bunch of friends too.  Stitch is a bitch!  I had that for my last few km.  Just kept pushing till I reach the finish line.  I finished at 40 minutes 40 seconds.  Had free V-soy drink instead of 100 plus cause the queue is starting to get long.

Waited for Ida and we were taking photos of the sunset till almost 7pm and left for dinner at Harbour City.  Initially we wanted to take photo around the stage but it was crowded like overwhelming crowded that we didn't wanna go in.  Didn't wait for lucky draw, tired.  Sleep deprived.

Friends I manage to meet up before and after the run.  I also met some blogger friends but did not get to take photo with.

In comparison with my previous records for this route.  I swear I recorded my 2010 run with my SE phone last time.  Weird I didn't manage to find the records.  Oh well.  I got my Garmin forerunner 405CX in 2011 so yeah.

I had fun catching up with friends and certainly had fun chit-chatting with Ida. 

That concludes my run for this year.  No more race till further notice.  Retired.  Not entirely.  I still run, but it's just to maintain my fitness hee~  Thanks for reading :)


  1. hebat oh Massy. Laju oh ko..

    1. Thank u Joan. Kena recover dulu baru bulih laju balik ini. Ko pun bulih laju bah, mo training jak.

  2. Nice happy fun run ni :)

    1. Yes, macam less ppl dress up this year. Sama jak tu baju XD