Thursday, September 18, 2014

[Review] ash be nimble Sports Apparel

Beverly been telling me about this for the longest time.  I have been in and out of the online store every now and then and I finally made my purchase early August 2014.  Okay maybe it got something to do with her birthday wishlist.

Thought I would get her something from there.  So I did, made my first purchase few days after reading her blog post.  Initially, I was gonna get her the Jungle Print Short but I somewhat wanted the same thing so decided to get it for myself first *chuckled.  Bad Massy bad!

So before I get into detail about the product, lets get to know them for a bit.

ash be nimble is a Malaysian home grown brand bent on designing & making high quality, fashunctional (in their word for fashionable and functional) sports apparel! The team is based in Kuala Lumpur and the brand was launched on the 14th of March 2014 at the Malaysia Women's Marathon (*remembered that it hazed during last year's race). 
Currently, their lines of products are women's sportswear consisting of sports bra, shorts, knee length and 3/4 length crops for running, dancing, eating, singing, workout out and whatever you can think of.  Coming up with something for the mens in 2015.
How and where you can purchase?

Online store at

Or physical shop at 

YogaOneThatIWant Studio
E610 Metropolitan Square
Jalan PJU 8/1
Damansara Perdana

Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Also on Instagram:

Now who could resist these awesome colors!
Ordered these (as my early birthday present to myself lol.  At that time). on the 4th August and it arrived on 6th August, so fast! 

A jungle print short (they sell the sports bra of the same print too and! hidden pocket at the back can fit your phone, cards or cash - yet to try that cause I normally just use my SPIBelt for that), wine and cheese high compression sports bra and a midnight rose valley tank (comes in 8 different colors, I think) in gold foil lycra.

Excited.  I tried it on immediately when I got home.  Super love!  So comfie!  I was surprised with the fit.  

I don't usually wear short shorts but I'd make an exception for this!  Looked like yoga pants, but yoga pants gave me this impression that it's loose, this fits nicely!  I mean seriously a nice fit!  I went for a run in the rain with it and I feel comfortable, I usually don't.  Yes these are good for runs!  I would want to get it in hot pink now.  S size please if anyone wanna give me as a gift okay okay I kid!

My first impression for the midnight rose valley tank.  Since it has this gold glitter thing, my initial reaction was "will this itch?"  Nope!  It doesn't.  It's comfortable.  I wore this for running and hiking.  Ahhh so much comfort!  I sound so excited and happy don't I?  Lols.  Some photos wearing it.

I got a thing for racer back top.  I have plenty!!!  Like not only for sports but for going places or just chill at home.

This has got to be my favorite shot!

And then, at the end of August, I went and order again hehe~  A hit support singlet.  Racer back!!!  This one have removable padding.  You know how some sports top have this support that acts like a sports bra?  Some that I have aren't removable and have very thin pads.  So annoying, I end up wearing sports bra with it.  Why? Can see nipple!  Awkward!  And!  You know that rubber thing that holds it around your under boobs, some are too tight till I can't breathe, so if I sort of gain a bit of probably fat, I'd suffocate wearing it.  But this one from ash be nimble is different.  I super love it.  It's not too tight, it's the right fit!  Don't take my word for it, you must try it! 

Some snaps of me wearing hit support singlet (don't you just love the detailing?).

Front and back snaps.  Opps, that time I went to tapau Nasi Katok Brunei hehe~

Wait till I have nice toned abs only I'll snap a photo wearing the sports bra hehe~ I shy.

Satisfied customer.  Till next time, have a pleasant day! :)


  1. Your favourite shot tu ba, smart! Macam ko nonstop lari naik atas o. :D

    Happy Monday, tmr, Massy!

  2. Thanks Arms. Se mo lari nonstop bah ni, but napas ku pindik, so I run hike run hike saja..slow slow asal sampai. I need expandable lungs. Happy Monday Arms!

  3. I see! I remember you talk about this during our meet up at Sailors.. I guess.

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    1. Yeah, hehe si bev la tu. She got me excited. But seriously, this is a good brand. :)