Wednesday, August 27, 2014

[Review] Mi Power Bank10400mAh

The recent hooha for powerbanks, Mi Power Bank.  I know I suppose to blog this earlier like way earlier since the time I got it but I totally forgot about it till today.  But then again, I'd probably need to test it for a bit before I could actually write a review.  So here goes. 

Who would want to miss a RM36 offer for a 10400mAh powerbank? Heck!  My previous powerbank with lower capacity cost me almost RM50 and it works like crap.  In a way.  After awhile actually.  I did some research in the type of powerbank, I was actually interested in a friend's powerbank (can't remember the brand/model) but I couldn't find it.  Somehow this caught my attention and decided to give it a go.  Mind you, I occasionally doubt it cause I wasn't familiar with the brand.

Comes in seven (7) colors!

Doesn't this remind you of apple?

Unfortunately, when you order online like crazy people camping on sites and press F5 refresh button every minute/second, you will only get the silver one.  Damn those other colors are so foine!

On 10th June 2014 at 11am, I logged on and camped at the site till sale starts which is at 12 noon (all you need is a fast hand well not really, just fast connections, cause it is sold out in seconds, it's crazy!).  Click purchase and made payment for 2.  Now that was easy.  It was then sent via FedEx and I received it within a week.

If you wanna make your own purchase via the site, please visit Xiaomi, hereGOOD LUCK!!!

Been using it for 2 months or so, satisfied!  Charging my phone with this was obviously faster than my previous powerbank.  I was surprised.  Definitely a good buy.  I would totally recommend peeps to get this.  Now do I wanna probably get the phone now?  Tempting.

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