Friday, August 01, 2014

[Review] Kraftfit compression wear

I never like wearing long tights/pants (this coming from somebody who always wear long baggy pants and shirts years ago).  Ever since I started the whole exercise regime (running mostly) and lost a lot of weight, I always opt for short pants, running or casual. 

But since I venture trail running, I have gotten myself an Asics compression tights (if I remember correctly, Rizwan is making me doubting what I bought) from Spotaka, Osaka, Japan last January.  I've used this for road and trail running before but I felt like my abdomen is compressed, so tightly that it's a bit hard to breathe.

Here I was again, researching for the right compression.  Options were 2XU and Skins, but these are so expensive.  I was browsing through 2ndskin and stumbled upon this.

Kraftfit compression wear, hmm.  Research!

Key point:
KRAFTFIT Compression Wear is crafted to wrap your muscles in a cocoon to reduce vibrations, resulting in significant improvements in muscle stability and enhancing your overall performance. 
Performance benefits (as per website):
  • Elevated Edema Control 
Accelerate warm-up time and elevate blood circulation in achieving peak performance by directing deoxygenated blood back to the heart, optimizing muscle performance.
  • Reduced Fatigue and Damage
Energy from muscles is no longer lost to vibrations, significantly reducing fatigue and protracts endurance, decreasing muscle soreness and preventing muscle damage.
  • Reduced Pain and Injury (this definitely caught my attention)
Powerband Technology developed in integration with kinesiology provides additional support for key muscle groups, preventing pain and injury caused by over exertion.
  • Improved Post Exercise Muscle Performance and Recovery   
Enhanced muscle stability and control boost the degree of agility and provide total muscle control and coordination that reduces delayed onset muscle soreness. 

Went through these reviews by Tristupe and The Running Deo.  I was still contemplating and I wasn't sure how it'll look like on me with those lines at the back, asked some of my running friends who use it.  Okay!  *clicks add to cart and pay!  Mind you, I did this all before the Raya holiday.

Where to purchase?

Size:  Size chart available at the site.  Seems accurate.

Received it yesterday yay~

Oh so pretty!

Tried it yesterday for my hike run at Bukit Padang.  First impression when take out of the box.  "So small?"  *gulp.  Can I even fit to this?  "YUNO pocket?"

Surprisingly comfortable in comparison to the Asics tights.  Different material, it's softer.  Asics is 85% polyester while kraftfit compression long tights is 80% Nylon & 20% Spandex.  I do feel the grip on certain parts of my body, like the calf, hamstring and knee area.  But I might be hallucinating too?  Maybe.

How do I look? Hee~

Oh, I had adductor muscle strain on the left and strain on the right knee.  So as I was hiking up my right legs were straining so much.  I think this has gotta do with the excessive amount of beef I had for few days and the lack of sleep.  And maybe a bit of not doing proper warm up.  Gradually, pain and strain was minimize somehow.  I was running up and down with ease.  Legs weren't as strained or I was feeling minor pain which I normally would feel after getting so much impact from running down uneven surface of the terrain.  Felt good somehow even though didn't cover much distance.

Not forgetting #AUSF photo collage. 

How do I feel today?  No strain on the leg which I usually feel a day after my run/hike.  Felt good.  I'll try it for few more months and see how this compression wear makes me feel.  But so far so good, definitely a good buy.  I actually plan to get the short one hehe.  Impulse buying? We'll see.  

And that's a wrap!  Thanks for reading :)


  1. I also wear long compression for trail and hikes. Otherwise, malas. LOL

    1. Rimas kan. But this one somehow is good. Mo beli la lagi satu hehe.

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate ? Email me at Hope to hear soon. Thanks!

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by and reading my blog. I would love to collaborate one of these days, might not be able to fulfill it since I rarely blog these days :)

  3. hiya Mas,

    for someone who has ran at least 3 FM and tons of HM races, i'm surprised that you haven't even tried to jump into compression gear for your long runs training and race day. I'm certain that compression do help with faster recovery post workout, ie less soreness the day after a long hard workout, i do hear you when u said about 2xu been so expensive, i got a pair of their long tight and it's so precious to me.. hahaha, i won't mind giving kraftfit a try if the quality matches those of 2xu, as their price look very tempting.. hahahaha...

    1. Actually, if it's not because of that Hasuu tasu trail run, I couldn't be bothered to even wear long tights. I love wearing shorts coz I can't stand the heat. But surprisingly I was comfortable wearing kraftfit. It helped with my current injury. U know how if u were too long out at the hot sun u get agitated and feels like taking off all your clothes? Did not have that feeling with this tight. I was impressed. Going to get the short tight soon hehe~ Yahhh!!! So much difference in prices, give it a try. Well at least if u fall while wearing this u won't cry so much if it tear kekeke kidding XD (reminds me of a friend wearing 2xu long tights and it tore, deep down everyone cried).