Monday, April 27, 2009

Pet Society

A friend posted about Pet Society at the forum last Saturday. I've been clicking ever since.

This game is cute and evil at the same time.

Lemme show u some screenshots I took.

I'd blame my blurness. I er actually created the character wrongly. My chara is a dood oh shite =_="""

But thank gawd, can change gender yay!

Now I am

I'm poor, so yeah, please give Emix some gifts. Thanks *cheeky smile.

My bro's chara is same color as me what? @_@

Where can I get this kewl chair?

I wish I can steal this

More Pet Society photos on facebook, here. Oh yeah, didn't I say this is a facebook game? @_@

Besides the whole Pet Society thinggie. I've been slightly stressful lately. Maybe too much mouse clicking? That I had to put a pillow for my wrist.

And slightly off topic. I got myself a Domo kun like bag. Why I said Domo kun like? Coz the teeth ain't full. But I like the material.

It's so big that I can throw loads of "junks" in it. Sweet~

And I got a duck keychain thinggie too. *blames jna for "flashing" me.

Get ready to be eaten.

Till then, off to bed. Pet Society is still on beta testing, expect your firefox to crash every now and then *sigh.


  1. talking about pet society..i guess may pet already bangas and berlalat already..too busy lately..until x pernah suda check my pet..anyway..i like your ko pula yang mcm buta tu..wkakkak..nice transformation dear.. i guess i need to check my pet now.hahah

  2. fiona: *giggles. yah my pet buta 1st time coz I blur hahahaha, I think it took me 2 tries to change the gender *rofl. I like to get $$ and buy furnitures hahaha XD

  3. yeaaaa cute, pretty, evil, insane...u name it....this game make me addicted again....waakakakakaaa....thanx to massy XD

  4. amy: it wasn't me XD

  5. Hi Mas!! :)

    I haven't touched FB in months! Nice game tho...

    I wan the duck keychain. So kiut!!

  6. Nessa: *giggles. this game is addictive, I mean seriously addictive @_@ The duck keychain, I can try and get you one. You'd be surprise what it can do XD I hope they still have stock XD

  7. Lama sudah I invite-invite ko main this game but you never bother. -_-" *sob*

    Nah kau.. kena sudah penyakit PS now. Hari-hari ambik gambar petnya. LOL!!!

  8. Cin: *rofl ancus oh. kekekek sorry 'bout that. I was hooked on Mafia Wars bah manatau this one adoi so addictive. Ancus. kekekeke yah! hari hari take picture. But today macam can't ni. Heran. Ada bug? @_@

  9. massy, cepat juga ko naik level ni..hehehe..bestkan.. ^_^

  10. ada saja game baru ko kan?

  11. @ruth: kekekeke yah! I want money!!!

    @perry: *uhuk uhuk~ kekekekke release stress bah XD

  12. firefox suke buat hal la, ugh lately i pakai opera, sigh

  13. baity: it's weird when it works perfectly fine at work @_@ but doesn't here at home adoi. so i think i'd play at work. XD

  14. Me pun ter-set my pet punya gender as a guy at first. But lama2 I noticed why when she laughs, sound like a guy pet. Tau2 lupa tukar. hahahaha!

  15. donna: *rofl XD oh man, funny also la sampai salah gender kan XD

  16. HEHEHE! no wonder banyak massy's pet society screenshot!!!
    domo kun so cute!<3

  17. ling ling: kekekekekeke XD yeah been playing everyday since Kozi posted the link @_@

  18. addicted to facebook?? hehe.. add me! jardness [at] gmail [dot] com

  19. Jard: wokeh! added XD weeeeeeeee

  20. Eh so cutelah! But I malas oh wanna play games and stuff on FB. Hardly even get the time to check updates!

  21. cute post,

    you know how i found your site?

    I googled "blogspot+psychotic"

  22. HI Valerie,

    Thanks for dropping by. LOL! XD

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