Saturday, March 08, 2008

Umai Japanese Restaurant Lunch Outing

Took the day off last Friday. Planned for a lunch outing with some of the CSPians~

I was suppose to meet 540 early but I had to clean the balcony. I mean seriously! Instead, I was out around 10am-ish. Arrived and pick her up at Damai. We went straight. Yes we were too early and we got bored. Most of them came a bit late. Which is not such a problem since the place only opens around 11:30am.

I roughly had the idea of the place but I was slightly blur coz I'm not sure where it is since I've never been there. So, this considered as the 1st time I step foot at D'Junction. Anyways, if you wanted to go there, here's a map. Parking is not a problem.

while waiting, i took a shot of my shoe (yahhh!!! teda kerja)

Umai Japanese Restaurant is located at the 1st Floor. You could either use the elevator or the stairs. In this case, we decided to use the stairs XD

The lights are dim. Which is bad for me. I hate taking photos in this kind of lighting. I had to force myself to use flash.

The people (notice dori tension, coz they forgot his order *sweat)

Btw, here's wut we had.

For more raves, click here.

Some stuff you should take notice.

the chopsticks

some ninja claws

the washroom

Last but not least, group photo. Omigosh, I close my eyes noooooooooooooooooooooooo T_T *cries.


  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I love Umai! Did you meet the ninja waiter???

  2. impy: ninja waiter didn't cover face ni =_="

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I must go to D'junction. Thanks for the pics massy! Is the sushi nice?

  4. aya: the sushi i never tried..tempted to try the green tea ice cream...but the dragon maki!!! must try!

  5. why didn't take picture of the waiters and the waitresses?
    cool ninja outfit and cute kimono girl

  6. Hey renzo..thanks for dropping by..anyways the ninja wasn't wearing a complete suit XD so can't really take their shot..XD