Sunday, March 09, 2008

Backdated: 3rd Session of World of Darkness

I arranged for the final stage for World of Darkness: The Room campaign last Wednesday. Most of us went to Mindslaver straight after work. We were still in our working clothes.

For more details about The Room, click here.

We had dinner at the food court, and was gonna start till the storyteller forgot to bring the character sheets. He went home and get it *guilty guilty. We started at around 7pm-ish. Till it reaches 10pm, we moved to Fook Yuen till past midnite @_@"" Just to finish this.

Thank gawd there weren't any "World of Romance". But my bro keeps on bashing ppl ni. @_@ and his character sheet is kinda ridiculous. He's smart and he bash ppl hmm weirdness.

Just say that from the previous session, one of us triggered something and we were transported to a pitch black room. Noooooooooooooooooooo. No way out. *paranoid. I'm not sure if I should post wut happened here. Hmm, should I? Well juz say that we got some puzzle solving stuff, met some souls, did a pile up on the muse and survived. But I doubt the surviving part =_=" the storyteller is making me paranoid!

The sweet part is, we survived! The scary part is, the cold chill and the story *gulp~ Not only that, the lights went off. =_="

I was slightly affected coz I had to drive home at 1am ALONE! =_=" creepy. Another thing, I can't stop yawning around before & after midnite, sleepy. And I was quiet. I guess I stop asking question dat often coz scared ppl might scold me again for slowing it down *sweat.

I'll be joining the next session if I could. Next World of Darkness campaign - Dancing Shadows (originally titled Street Ninjas). Noobs are given priority for this campaign. Min. players are 6.

Go here for any updates, thanks.

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