Sunday, October 12, 2008

Breakfast at Green Park Cafe

Updated: Map to Green Park Cafe.

alah sorry, I just realize it's small XD but still can see bah

I skipped jogging session today coz I was tired. Well I think it's my lack of sleep that's making me tired. But I'm all pumped with eating at Green Park Cafe. Located at Likas Park (before Church). I was slightly disappointed when we went yesterday. It's close every Saturday and opens any other day 7am-6pm. This is a vietnamese cuisine cafe. Another branch of Viet Cafe.

We were there around 9am-ish. My parents and sis been there before, and she's been recommending me to go there for quite some time. I guess it's coz we didn't have the time to go there yet. But since we did today. I've decided to try the Noodle Salad.

Check out the raves, here.

I love the fried springroll!!!! Price at RM4.

The other fewd was to tempting that we "tapau" the beef stew and laksa XD

Fresh Springrolls at RM5

vietnamese drip coffee at RM2.50

fried shumai XD RM2 each

laksa at RM5.50

I wanna go there again next week!


  1. The spring rolls does really look good!

  2. Where exactly in Likas Park is this? And you said Viet Cafe...masi ada ka? After they moved from KK, where did they go?

  3. rozie: it taste gewd too. I think it's not enuff. 2 pcs for rm4 nooooooo I want more.

    Perry: viet cafe close down sudah oh. I think the boss said he wanna focus on catering, this place might be close down end of the month. So sad man. You know the traffic light heading to Likas Complex/Damai/KK/Likas? Go straight till you reach the playground on your left, there's a signboard stating Likas Park, it's before the St Simon Church ka tu? Yang before Shan Tao.

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Good gawd, I was hungry when I jumped into your blog. Now I'm STARVING!! (All thanks to this post)


  5. cin: mari kita pg makan! XD

  6. Mas, you seem to know all the best makan shop! Memang sadap oh from the pics... the beef stew... arrghhh!! *mo gila suda ni*

  7. nessa: XD I dun really know, but if I like to take photo of it. Besides, it's from recommendation from ppl XD so must try oso mar XD

  8. *stomach growling like crazy*

    *saliva drolling like waterfall*

    Note to self.: Must only visit here after meals! LOL!

  9. Nick: LOL! XD ohohohoho

  10. i really miss viet cafe!!!!!NOW, i know where to eat vietnam food...

    :D gegegegegeee~~~ Thanx Massy!!!!

    *cubit pipi massy*~~~*lari*

  11. amy: o.o nooooooo dun cubit my pp XP

  12. waaa...sgt setappp laaa

    kasi jeles ni lorrr

    camat hari raya massy... :d

  13. angriani: selamat ari raya too XD yeah sedap!

  14. yum yum yum yum.. drool drool drool..............

    I tot it was the map to my house.. hehehehee..

  15. shemah: LOL eh u live around there ka XD

  16. eh dis close wanna close oso kah??!!! oh tidak!!!! :~~~~(

  17. amy c: yeah sad oh. punya sedap tu makanan. I think the owner said he wanna concentrate on catering fewd? @_@

  18. @_@ i better go there capat2 owh...if not sempat, menyesal me nanti....huhuuhuuu

  19. amy: most of us forumers going this sunday XD for brunch