Thursday, January 11, 2007

The weekdays

I was in the mood to blog last nite. But I did it today coz I wanted to sleep early, so I could wake up early (kunun!!!). I got so many things in mind last nite. Today somehow turn blank. *sigh~ my bad.

Anyways, this is the day to complain. Complain complain and complain. Streamyx sucks! Big time. The line was terrible last nite. Even today. Well at least the line at work is working but not as fast as I wanted it to be. Oh well.

I was mapling for days. Finally lvl 35 Page. My weapons still suck and my clothes suck. Ugly fugly. I hope I could hit faster and get to lvl 40 yay! I wonder when my brother gonna decide to talk to me. Coz I need him to maple and I need him to get the ores from me coz my inventory space is limited. Very limited. Huhuhu~

more info on where u could get this. click here

I'm getting a death note notebook! Woo~! Been wanting this for quite some time. I wanted to get some pinky street too.

I seriously need to stop bitching this year. I did a lot of bitching last year. I wanna be the gewd lil innocent angel this year. But I couldn't coz this bitch at work keep making me bitch about her with other colleagues. This is bad. Really bad. Somebody fire her already!? So, the latest story I got from others is that she's still in debt and loan shark still looking for her but she still going around asking people if they could loan her some cash. The amount is not small I must say. Sometimes RM600 and sometimes RM1, 500. So, where did she get the money to buy all the new clothes? New handbag, new shoes, new purse, new handphone and etc? This is a gewd example of a dumbarse. Like my colleague said to me yesterday. "Biar bergaya, hutang tak payah bayar" ahahhahahaha...*lol so funny. She still have the same excuse if she didn't come to work. Either she have to send her children to school or she's sick (sick? my foot la). Yesterday a colleague saw her at some restaurant and she calls in sick. *lol. Oh ogie. Tak boleh pakai punya urang.

Last nite's salted fish fried rice is so nice. Tasty. But I remove all the mix vege. Yuck! I dun like those type of mix vege (consist of carrots, peas and corns). No worries, I take my time removing it. Oh and the chili. Damn tasty. But I suffer after that. Stomach ache hahahahahha *rofl. No worries. I'm fine now.

And I'm gonna maple again today weeeeeeeeee.


  1. Err.. dont write my name ah in your DeathNote. Hehehehehe

  2. me too haha...

    er..i can see why u bitching alot massy...its aging factor..kah kah kah..