Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It felt like high school all over again hee

I still couldn't drive to work yet. There's still minor pain from my knee. Oh, thanks for the medicine, last nite, I was hyperly active. My fren, acing or better known as rob said I must be overdose. Hahahhaha maybe. Coz ideas come pouring like rain. And I was in the mood of listening to the same song again and again and noise doesn't seem to bother me that time.

My mum sent me to work today. I was having flashback on when I was in high school. Where I had to wake up early but be the one who gets to reach school late. But I wasn't late for school, I'm juz the person who's not the 1st the reach school. At some point of when I was in those years, I sometimes was frustrated coz I didn't want to wake up early coz my mum sure will send my other siblings to Sabah College first and finally send me to my school at SMK Putatan. Well, it's not her fault that I went to a different school. I juz didn't wanna go to the same school as my siblings. I dunno. It's juz hard for me to find new friends all over again. It's frustrating to change schools. Seriously. Oh, why u may ask I talked about this now? Coz juz now mum send us to work, I'm the last person to reach my office even I start at 8am. >_<" She sent both my sister first, last send me >_<" adei~ paning eh...This is why I can drive and both of them can't. heh~ Anyways, enuff complaining for today, I'll be having this chicken cold dish for lunch. I have to take lunch coz I need to take my medicine >_<" hmmm...oh well. I would prefer beef though huhu~
Oh I forgot to mention. Last week, I went to Warisan Square with my eldest sis, Lyne, the DJ. Bought 2 new top. One for work and the other one is more casual. Both brown color. I'll post the image later. I forgot to take photo. Bought it with the money my sis gave me mwahhahahah *grins~ omg~ I'm a brat!


  1. How nice got someone to sent U to work. Bleek!!

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Wah sedapnya! Thank goodness I'm about to go out for my very late lunch now. LoL

    Catch ya later ;)

  3. aceone: nice ah? my mum drive very slow wor..sometimes se mo gila sudah in the car...ei..ur cbox ok liao ka? got i went teda cbox terus terblur hahaha

    cindy: hahahaha i prefer the beef one :( chicken not as great as beef..tapi cannot eat beef argh~! so frustrating

  4. Hey Massy! The chicken don't look that bad to me, haha! Looks good actually.

    Well, as the saying goes, better late than never. At least your mum dropped you off for work. I have to take public transport to college (and back)!

    Hope you'll recover fully. God Bless.

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  5. thanks huiwen...hey when u'll get ur license? hehehehe then u could drive urself weeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

    it's funny when i got my license i got it i'm tired of driving hahahah *lazy

  6. aiks?? wheres my comment?? missing erksss...

    nvm..i'd love to spam massy's comment box nanana...

    sure u got overdossed lah massy..u dont even put paragraph on your post hehe sign of a overly hyperactivated typo :P

  7. oi..i did put paragraphing la mr. but the thing come out differently..not my fault man