Thursday, January 25, 2007

I couldn't sleep

So yes, I couldn't sleep. Guess wut I did, I took photo of myself and did the above. Gawd. I'm so bored and I can't sleep >_<" force sleep it seems *sigh.

I was feeling crappy earlier. Now I feel great! Well, after reading other people's blog that is. Motivated at times. I want to get motivated all the time! That did not happen. I got this jigsaw game installed at my computer at work, I finish all the puzzle already :( I need new game. Hmm maybe I'll play maple tomorrow weeeeeeeeee


  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    Your internet line still very bad? Mine's getting better. I think very soon you can get back on your Maple Story. Like me, I can finally play WoW without getting dc. :D

  2. internet line still slow, my downloads are not finishing >_<

  3. up girls..too old to maple oredi ahhaa...better learn to cook or something hehehe

  4. suka ati la...if u wanna be old..i let u be..hahahah i'm young at heart weeeeeeeee~~~~~

  5. Young at heart? but old elsewhere? Must be a heart transplant!