Monday, January 15, 2007

So Wut's Wrong With My Leg Actually?

I couldn't walk properly for 3 days. Today planned to go to work. But I couldn't trust my leg. I couldn't even drive. I can't balance my leg. *sigh. This gotta suck. No worries. I went to the doctor today. He gave me 3 kinds of medicine. 1 for pain, 1 to reduce the swelling on my leg and another one is for "gout"!! WOT?! u heard me rite. I got gout. *sigh. Or if nobody knows wut is gout. Go search at Wikipedia. Another name for this is "metabolic arthritis". *hiks~ and my mum was like "wut? so young got gout?". And doctor owez got an answer for these kinda Q. A 15 year old could get it. So, here, most of my fav fewd is down the drain. I couldn't eat lotsa stuff now. I can't eat peanuts, seafood, beef, some fish, some vege. >_< how terrible is that?

Well, the pills is making me woozie~ I could sound depressing and hyper at the same time. *hiks~

Anyways, my current craziness is to listen to this song by numero called letih. >_<"

aku tau... engkau letih
dengan luka hati yang selalu menyiksa batinmu
teriris, terasa perih
namun ku selalu coba tuk menepis
sudahlah hatimu takkan pernah sanggup bertahan
derita cinta mu... ooooooo

Bila kau rasa yang terjadi kini
selalu saja buat hatimu sedih
hanya diriku yang pasti menemani

kau menangis, datang padaku
bercerita tentang luka mu padaku
sudahlah hatimu OooooOOo.....

back to reff

Cepat pergi jauh darinya
ku tak ingin engkau bersedih
Jiwa ini tak pernah rela

back to reff 2 x


  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Hmm.. I didn't know young people could get gout? I thought that was only for old people. :P

    Anyway, hope you get better soon. :)
    No peanuts??!! That's gonna suck...

  2. yeah me too..i never mum 1st heard it she was like shocked..even my sis hahaha wait i tell my dad hahahah...this is so funny..

    oh my leg is getting better anyways. sucks definately not being able to eat peanuts...*sigh..and bunch of other things i like to eat like anchovies >_<"

  3. ah..stay away from meats, seafood and alcohol [hehe], few of my sibilings got it, congrat!! hehehe

  4. err...request on that mp3 eheheh

  5. punya kijam ni zaini. congrats lagi tu...adalah se tandang!!!! huhu my fav fewds~!!!! noiiiiiiiii~~~ trauma~

  6. Hmm... really must meet up with you one day... maybe ajak you go for steamboat bbq at Nelayan...

    They serve peanuts for entree...

    Then really nice seafood steamboat
    and can bbq beef also...

    Hmmm... I'm going there this weekend! Just thinking of it makes me hungry :P