Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is today Thursday?

*scratch head.

Ahahahhaah I forgot. I can't maple. But why?!!?!?!? Huhuhu.

Anyways, yesterday when I reach home, mum showed me the new plumeria plant that she got from her friend. I remember last raya she ask some yellow plumeria from my fren's house. Oh, and my house already have white color one. This is the new plumeria. It's pink! Oh, common name for this flower is fragipani heheh. Juz in case anyone's wondering?

My sis offered me to follow her to the KK City event tonite, but I was so attached to Amazing Race Asia. Sorry but I wanna know who win. And YES! Zabrina and Jo Jer won!!! Yay!!! :) Kewl!

OMG ogie, I'll continue blogging tomorrow coz my mouse juz died on me. It doesn't go left argh!!! So frustrating >_<"


  1. I like frangipanis! I like the white ones best though.

    Thursday nights are always boring cause there's never anything good on tv, but that's all changed! Kyle XY is on on Thursdays now, and it's surprisingly funny. Plues the guy is easy on the eyes hehe. (SPAMMER ALERT SPAMMER ALERT)

    Well, yes. Once I get my camera I shall celebrate with all of you other photography enthusiasts in mind.

  2. yay! Kyle XY? macam i saw the advertisement somewhere..lupa hhahaha..omg...*lol yeah i think the white ones are the best ones...hehehe ..that tree x abis berbunga nice XD

  3. Anonymous5:23 PM

    I love the color. Kinda look pinkish and lavenderish - I think there's something wrong with my eye. LoL

    I don't watch Amazing Race Asia, only once.. but yeah, I heard the Malaysian team won? Hurray!

  4. It's pink yellow, where u get lavenderish? I wonder hehehe

  5. err..Kyle XY?? another crappy drama hehe its about this boy named kyle have the snake sensetivity on him hahah watever...partially snakes :P

    mouse rosak?? haha..maybe ur mumu bite it ;P

  6. *smacks zaini. it's not's difference :P

  7. yameh heheh....i tot mumu,