Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Valentine Dinner

I had this porridge for brunch. Not enuff. I'm dead hungry. The porridge damn tasty. Though I would be happy if I had more soy sauce and pepper. It's another normal day for me. Go to work, maple, come back from work, shower, eat, watch tv and so on. The normal routine stuff. Today is different coz we're out for valentine's day dinner.

Would like to thank bunch of ppl for their valentine's wishes. Sorry for some who I didn't reply coz I'm too lazy to reply. Anyways, I receive roses. The red one is from my mum and the other one is from my dad. And some virtual roses. Thanks ppl! XD

The initial plan was to go eat at Atmosphere but on this "special" day, they charge RM150++ per person. OMG! Crazy! So, Atmosphere is out of the picture. Then decided to go eat Nasi Padang at Jesselton Point coz my sis will be there for futsal tournament? or practice? I dunno.

Waited for my dad to come home and pick us up. But that didn't happen. Instead, we had to drive in 3 seperate cars. My dad, my bro from work and me driving my sis and mum. Mum told me to park my car at my bro's office but as usual I'm very doubtful. Coz that's not such a safe place to park cars at nite. For me that is.

So 3 seperate cars it is. RM2 for parking. My bro came after us, so he parked next to my car. My dad and sis was there already. Dad having his 2nd drink. We blamed dad for not picking us up. And I was dead hungry.

Lets get started with the fewd shall we. We booked a table coz that place is owez full. As they say. Dunno la. No fewd menu. Service very slow. Yes I'm complaining. Fewd are taken from the trolly. >_<" Looking at it kills my appetite already. My parents was asking wut I wanted to eat, and I dun feel hungry already. Imagine how hungry I was since I skipped lunch. *sigh. Oh, before that, took some photo of 2 person.

my bro and mum

eldest sis with dad. notice how her pose is a trademark pose?

and finally, my 2nd sis and me. our body size are not so much difference. erm, see how chinese look i am? shuddup! i know i'm wearing pink >_<"

So, here's the fewd. *sigh. Totally killed my appetite the moment I saw it.

ayam kampung. dunno masak apa sorry

the fried kangkung. on the top left is er beef. but my sis said the beef tasted like "beef sucked too much water". i won't know that coz i dun eat beef

paru, or u call this hati buya? very hard. hard to eat.

peria goreng ikan bilis. didn't taste this too. i dun eat fried peria like this

green chili. ok la. a bit hot but so so la

Oh and I had quarter rice only. Oh and I forgot to mention how hard is the fried fish. It tasted like yesterday's fish re-fried. Yes, u can imagine how hungry I am now. But heck no worries, I'm fine. Btw, guess how much does this meal cost? RM77.55! WOT!? The most dissapointing meal I ever had. Nothing against malay fewd but this dish, local ppl oso can cook la. When eating, my parents was like, this is totally not nasi padang. Punya jauh beza. Other than that, I rest my case, let ppl decide *pftttt~

On the way back, decide to take some photo. Erm, not such great shots coz I still have problem with night shots.
telephone booths somewhere there at jesselton pointcrazy sister. she forgot her camcoder i was getting a shot of the lights and decoration , she enter frame

yes this is where u play futsal

I'll sleep in hunger tonite then. Have a gewd day~


  1. HAEhAEHAeh, punya main sakit hati tu kan tiba-tiba ada orang enter frame.

    It was nice that you got to celebrate with the whole family. =D Hope I can do that sometime soon. I miss mine so much. =(

  2. yah butul! tapi bulih buat lawak akkakakakaka

    yes, we owez haf family dinner lately hmm

  3. Waaaaa... you look pink today. Muehehehe

  4. *smack sr215. i shouldn't haf worn pink adui~ paning~

  5. the food wasnt nasi padang... maybe it was local nasi bukit padang.. they miss out the 'bukit' word.. ? ;p

  6. so true...not even near to nasi padang..ancus...hahahah nasi bukit padang..gewd one...*lol

    my dad was like, the one we had at indo is nicer! omg~

  7. Hey Massy!

    I celebrated Valentine's Day with my family too. It was my dad's birthday after all, haha.

    No offence really, but the food don't look so nice. And I don't fancy eating those fried green chilis! How can you eat that?! Tak pedas ke?

    Cheers, Hui Wen

    P.S. What's wrong looking Chinese? You look sweet in pink though, hehe...=)

  8. hey! bet ur fewd are way nicer than mine.

    *sigh..true the fewd aren't nice. *sigh. i wish there's chinese fewd really. but somebody recommended that we eat there *sigh

    anyways, i love chilis's sort of an addiction.

    and, er, i'm not so much a pink person hahaha...but i look gewd wearing it so, who cares rite? *lol. besides, my dad bought that top for my sis but sis couldn't fit wakakkaka.

    so being my size give me the advantage to get it wakkaka sot~

  9. Anonymous5:03 PM

    ohh.. nice photos. you make me wanna go back to Sabah so much!! >< But err.. why is that hati buya so hitam? Like hangus liddat? :P Memang the color like that?

    You like nice in pink. Very sweet. :)

  10. *lol omg...inda tau knpa ati buya dia gitu. keras lagi tu..kuyak oh se rasa

  11. alaaa...i tot post about u going out wit ur BF or something that hati BUAYA?? ahaha...

    77.55 only?? OMG thts why its taste sux in SEL...rm 77.55 tue untuk 2-3 orang makan seja hahah...

    and ur Look like ur dad the most theeh...ur sis on ur mother side hehe

  12. eh..tht telephone booth really work kah? or perhiasan seja?? wuhaha...macam di oversea pula :P

  13. zaini: telephone booth working talipon i think...macam la i think..but not sure..i think so...

    oh i look like my dad ka? i tot i'm a mixture of both? my bro look like me? somebody said last time we look xda sudah coz he fat mwahhahaha