Thursday, February 22, 2007

another one of those random thoughts

we're all temporary in this world
experience happiness and sadness
when there's nothing left to care about
we're forgotten


and another one


u must think that i'm crazy
for telling u stuff that i shouldn't haf
i couldn't help myself but
u're the only one i can hope for


i hope u live a better life
hope u'll realize wut a bitch u r
how i wish i could forgive u
but it's juz hard for me to let go


it's juz another one of those depressing moments


  1. ah...sign of ppl who need pro help..aint it massy? muhahah...i'd love to offer my pro help if u need some :P

    i know u talking bout someone hehe whos tht ?

  2. no, i'm not talking about "somebody". this is why i say guys aren't important to me sometimes.

    no offence zaini..

  3. Aww Mas. You sound really down. *hugs* Wish I was there in KK. Then we can go lepak somewhere and take pictures (of course with YOUR camera) and then bitch about men hehe.

  4. Do cheer up, Massy!

  5. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Are you broken hearted? hehehe.. kinda sound like you've just been through some er... failed relationship. O.o


  6. thanks com, huiwen, cindy

    cindy: nothing to do with men. more like sibling rivalry

  7. lemme hug u massy heehe can..can heheh

  8. uh i need a hug from acom~

    zaini, can hug, but if u got other intention i'm gonna kick u mwahhahahaha...