Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What To Do When You're Dead Bored (Like Me)

Somebody sabotage my internet line!!!! The wire line outside my house is disconnected. *cursing. 2 days oledi. I mean at nite la. I couldn't online. My downloads noiiiiii~~~ *depressed. I was so gawddamn bored man. 1st day wut did I do? No can remember. I could remember wut I did last nite though. I play "Rise of Nation" and installed "Baldur's Gate 2: Shadow of Anm" again (ketara butul boring, bukan addict ogie). My sis started playing "Oblivion" and ask me to play. *pfttttt. Maybe later. I got no idea wut that is. Actually building building thinggie and fight is not my kinda game. I prefer the quest game. At least I know wut to do hehe. Ahhh, and actually I played "Baldur's Gate" many many times, I didn't actually get to complete it yet hahahahha.

3 set of these

Yesterday, the 3 set of new Acer desktop computers have arrived. Not mine! :( It's for the 2 typist and the stewped bitch who never come to work. *pfttttttt. I want LCD monitor!!!! *sigh. Guess who got the grumpy face? The stingy accountant hahahahhaa. *lol

So wut did I get? Nothing. No thank yew no nothing *pfttttttt..


  1. Hey Massy!

    LCD monitors are so much more convenient compared to CRTs! It's easy to see why you're mad at not having one at your desk... Oh yeah, sorry to hear about your Internet connection. I would be really down if I can't go online during the night...

    Take care.

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  2. Anonymous12:36 AM

    You mean someone had been using your line? Are you using router modem? Perhaps you need to change your password?

    If that's not the case then I don't know lah.

    You can keep cursing now :P

  3. kesian...i'll call tmnet for u lah massy...

    and the reason for u not having lcd is, coz u will misusses it for mapling then hehehe...your boss is clever haha..*clap clap clap :P

  4. huiwen: those lucky bastards!!! >_<" but they're so "buta IT". the "buta IT's" get nice computers huhuhu~~~~ and yes, I was cranky and I was bored

    cindy: I mean, the outside line, sudah jatuh sikit, but some dumbarse go pull and steal it! >_< teda dial tone teda lah internet line ku uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    zaini: manada! boss se lembab bah ni :P isk ni urang tmnet pun, datang x bawa tangga, adalah yang kana tandang ni >_<