Friday, February 02, 2007

Well, here's my temper again...>_<"

All day, I hear my colleague bitching about that stewped bitch. It has been going for years. OMG! I need an end to this. I couldn't help but listening. I didn't want to but they were loud. Seriously loud. One of my colleague was pissed coz the boss gave her the idea that bitch will come back to work. Well actually, she suppose to since her letter stated end of this month. But she couldn't come to work coz her "ah longs" are looking for her. Yes, I said "ah longs" coz she loaned from 5 different "ah longs". It's none of my business but I couldn't juz sit quietly. *sigh. I feel bad. *guilty indeed. OMG! Sin!! Anyways, my colleague, the one who's pissed? She's the one who's most disturbed coz she can't stand the lies from bitch. And this is the first time I ever met this kinda person. A person who's so desperate that she would lie to her parents, to her husband and about her child. She's not fit to be a mother. Who am I to judge? Right? But how could she say that her daughter have heart condition when she's as healthy as any other kid? That's juz plain selfish and I do think she need serious help.

Anyways, her working there is still pending coz my sort of boss couldn't make up his mind. Something about him almost being attracted to her? *pfttttttt~ shiesh~ Ogie, he said that and he bitch about her too? Huh? Wut a 2 face. >_<" I wanted to blog earlier this morning but I was sort of caught up with mapling. I've been trying to complete the quest of hitting 999 Curse Eye which is done. Now I'm gonna hit crabs at Florina. Ogie, they dun call it crabs but it's crabs for me. On the way back reaching the roundabout at my area. I came across a stewped baboonic driver. I know there's no such word as baboonic but who cares when I'm pissed. Plat number AFL 728. Tiny dark skinned alien. He wanna go right which is the lane I'm at and he didn't signal. So, since I couldn't honk him coz my honk budu, I highlighted him twice. And guess wut he did? He showed me his middle finger. Ogie, I know it's juz a finger but that's so rude. Again, I should say this fellow is very stewped coz he could have use the other right lane if he wanna turn from the roundabout to go right.

Like duh~! Most ppl do this. Oh wait, I guess he doesn't know that coz he's stewped rite? Oh wait, this is why, I think some Malaysian are uncivilized and they make our country seem suckie to us coz they're selfish. End of story. I'm pissed and I couldn't do anything *pftttt. Only feel tense. *pfttttttt. I have that there's a workshop near my house area. Those big big lorries always block our road and the roads are bad becoz of them darn lorries. Lobang sini sana >_<" haih~ One more thing is my dad's car is blocking. I couldn't get to my normal parking area becoz of it. So, I had to park at my mum's parking spot. I juz dun like minor things that is troublesome for me. It juz annoys me >_<. "YOU CAN'T BLAME ME!!! IT'S GENETIC!!!" heheh

Anyways, I'm wanted to post these photos yesterday but couldn't. So, I'll post it now.

i think this shot very nice, coz i got gewd model mwahahha
Well, this is a shot of Amy at Segama, she's gewd at becoming the model. Very sporting. And the best part is, she love photography. I hope she can start taking pictures again. I went to lunch at Wisma Merdeka with her yesterday. Very fast lunch. We should have more time next time Amy!!! So we can catch up! :)

I took some other shots which are not so great. Paiseh to show hahahah.

Oh, u guys remember the brown caterpillar yang berdua-duaan tu? It turn to this color oh. Wow. So weird.

this look like the green one i took earlier kan?

Oh btw, today my colleagues kumpul kumpul duit blanja makan KFC. So nice :)


  1. Hehe I see the woman is still haunting your life? Your boss sounds like an idiot. 0_0 Is the woman that good looking? I mean, he can't be attracted by her attitude, since obviously from your blogs, she dounds kind of dodgy 0_o.

    So nice that you have models! My friends aren't good enough actors to pose hehe. They always end up laughing.

    Cheh. Itupun when I HAD a camera. *grumble grumble*

    I hope I can get the camera before my trip to Johor. =D

  2. aiyah..very pissed one ah..hehe.. i can see it massy, it even effects ur writings hehe..i dunno if i read it wrongly but in one lines, u talk bout that supermodel ah long then jump to mapling then jump to somebody showed u his mid finger then tiba-tiba ada cerita pasal lubang jalan pula then siap ada photo lagi..aiyah...if u continously behave like this..i'll be happy to send u to hosp. bukit padang hahaha...near to ur hse aint? heehe

  3. haizum: sadly yes. she's not even that gewd looking *bluek~ but she could pakai tudung sebab mo lari dari ah long bah astaga. i dunno wut ppl see in her, u know my bosses praise her like she know how to work, she claims she got diploma in secretarial but nope, she got spm only. boss ask her to take minute oso dunno how to take budu! >_< yeah, i hope u get a camera soon. uh, i think coz amy takes picture too, so she knows how. :) as for me, i suck at modelling. jan la ko suruh se. if want to take, take candid. tapi bidak hahahaha *lol

    zaini: hahahah yes, i was pissed. when i'm pissed, i type very fast. jarang ada full stop hahahaha. i work faster when i'm stress too. if ppl dun push my button, i'll be normal hahaha. but in this case, somebody push it too far hahahahah. and i dun haf patience in anything and everything mwahhahaha. so yeap, blame me for being so stubborn and bad tempered ei?

  4. hey, the pic turns out great *thumbsup* me likey!!! Very colorful :D

    oh btw, the caterpillar pic looks cool too... nice!

  5. Lek Mas lek. *hug*

  6. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Sabar kau Massy. :D

    If it makes you feel any better, those photos you took look lovely! I like the ones with the chinese lanterns on the background. Me lovey! xD

  7. Patience is a virtue. I know I shouldn't preach.

    Wow...I think the 'twin' caterpillars will turn out to be beautiful blue 'twin' butterflies. I suggest you take daily pictures of them to monitor their growth, haha!

    Cheers, Hui Wen