Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My normal black monday and so on

Going to work on a Monday is always bad. I'll be lazy till the end of the day. Well, I think I would. I played Maple the whole day. I'm nearly reaching there. Lvl 41. Nearly.

Went off 10 minutes early coz everyone doing it. No point for me to stay till 5pm rite? At this point, my knee starts failing on me again. *enduring a lot of pain. Wut did I eat? Hmm I wonder. I had 2 orangie. 1 tasteless and the other one is erm too sour for me. Oh, Milimewa sells those sweet kind of orangine which is great! I should get those.

Anyways, reached home 30 mins later. Well, me and my sis suppose to go window shopping but since my knee got a bit of a problem there, we decided to wait. Being the "princess" or "datin" she is, she's owez slow. Her, getting dress is like, urgh, ogie, we dun wanna go there.

We got off at around 7pm, to Servey Likas. Lotsa stuff price increase liao oh. *sigh~ Kitty can fewd is like RM1.69 already? Normally it's like RM1.30 * Big time. Kitty likes it. Maybe I'll get some next time.

Went to Giant Kolombong after that. Bought quite a number of stuff. Mum smsed me to get her some stuff too. Last minute hmm. Lucky in a gewd mood. Oh, btw, bras are selling at RM2.99 and above hahahaha. They put it outside where everyone can see it! hahahahha omg~

I bought 2 ribbed tank top. Ogie, I dunno wut they call it actually. I'll take a picture when I get back later. It's my most fav type of top. Ahh, that's the shape of my sunburn hahahaha *lol. Anyways. That cost RM13.99 each. *pfttttt kana tipu. I thought it's RM9.99 each. Should have bought more at Thailand. There very cheap. Less than that price *hiks~ Oh, I met my fren. But I thought he's at Singapore? Hmm must be he come back for CNY? Didn't get to talk to him coz I was on the phone with my mum that time *pftttt.

Reached home at around 10 something. I can't really remember. Nearly 11pm I think? Well, nothing much happen actually. Nothing super exciting. Only maybe I'm super hungry?


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Sounds like you have a lovely day. :D

    Bought a new tank top? Woot! Put it on and take a photo. xD

  2. aiyah..i wan cheap bra..can? as valentine gift hahah...[then i can pass it to my gf as a gift] mueheheh...guys always smart mah!!

  3.'s the normal ribbed top...big fan of those kind. but i got like 7 or 8 only ahhahaha

    plain and different color

    zaini: pg beli sendrey..x malu :P