Wednesday, February 21, 2007

random thoughts *hiks

did u ever look at old photos and think
that u've missed that moment
that particular moment where it makes u smile
that makes u feel lucky to be alive

things change, people change
u grow old even u dun haf somebody
to share ur life with
life still goes on
till ur last breath
till the end of time

another one la la la

the anxiety of waiting is overwhelming
feel the joy when the day comes
couldn't say the things i wanted
without being goofy when u're around

and another

ever wonder why ppl like to be under the moon
pouring their hearts out to each other
i guess it might be bcoz of the calmness
u get from staring at the moon
and they say that's romantic

and another

i love looking at the sky
thinking how i could really fly
though it doesn't really mean anything
if i dun haf anyone to share it with

noted: i think i'm high


  1. That's a really nice poem. 0_0

    I should start writing again.

    You inspire. =D

  2. kekekekke...

    hee~ u inspire too XD

    erm, it's actually not such a poem. besides, i dun write poems at all. those are juz my random thoughts. the initial thought was to create a script for a story. but terpesong hahahaa

  3. agree..its not a poem...huhu..if it is a poem must be the worst one heheh..

    its love story hahah...without picture hehe

  4. *lol hahahahahaha...wut love story? *lol

  5. Si ZAini ni ketara biasa sudah tingu gambar. =p Kau tunggu nanti aku dapat camera akuuuu!

  6. Anonymous2:47 AM

    Sometimes when I look at old photos,
    I wanna cry.. :P

    Nice poem? thoughts? random writings? Whatever it is that you posted, it's sweet. :)

  7. com lek ko lek...i can kick zaini for u hehehehe

    cindy is back!!! yay~ uh uh, adei, oh,i dun cry looking at old photos, i laff kkekee.

    umm thank yew...random thoughts kekekeke XD