Monday, February 05, 2007

A Very HOT Sunday

Finally a chance to blog about wut I did on Sunday. Me, my mum and my 2nd sis went to Gaya Street. I'm the driver for today. I dun want to but mum insisted and coz my mum must be tired driving my sis to work everyday? >_<>_<" Anyways, spotted this in front of DBKK. So, took some shots. Erm, notice how the right part is a bit brighter. It's becoz of the sun.
We didn't go directly to the Vietnam restaurant. But we walked and look at stuff on the way there. These are hibiscus from Thailand. Notice how big they are? Very nice. These hibiscus was sold at RM15.00 each. I bought one for RM11.00. My mum is gewd at bargaining hehe.

the one i bought

After lunch at Peppermint. I thought I wanna get Mint flavoured cotton candy. But they're out. :( noiiiiiiii~~~ 2 weeks oledi. My mum went to get yellow colored orchids? We already have 2 kind at home. Dark purple and er lighter purple. There's another kind my mum would wanna get but it's a bit costly.

mum bought this for rm8.00 (price after "tense" bargain)

We went to Segama after finish shopping at Gaya Street. This place is another problem for me, I'll be cursing all the way till I find parking. I'm not sure how many times I turn for parking coz there's too many car around waiting for parking. Seriously, my left leg is tired. My only fear if my knee dies on me. Thank gawd for parking. It's a bit far but at least I manage to get parking? Went to Cosway, Segama coz my sis wanted to get something. But instead she didn't get it coz it's not wut she expect >_<". Did some window shopping. Bought myself a green color top. *opps forgot to take photo. Lotsa ppl, waiting for awhile to try it out. My sis bought a purple colored top. Quite nice but a bit long for me. After awhile, I was hungry. How could I not be? I had mee hoon earlier (this never makes me full) and I wasted most of my energy cursing. Walked to Wisma Merdeka. Had lunch. My sis and me shared "Bread chicken with mushroom gravie with salad and er fries". It's filling enuff for me. Mum had rice with chicken curry. She was a bit dissapointed coz she asked for Green Curry. Hehehe.

my sis's hot cuppuccino

chicken with mushroom gravie

rice with chicken curry

The line sucks earlier and I can't remember wut I wanted to blog about already. *sigh. Nvm, I stop here first. When I could remember, I'll blog about it *sigh.


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Thank goodness that I'm about to go out for dinner now.. your pictures are making me hungry! (the food lah not the flower. :P)

    Ohhh.. I love those hibiscus. Nanti I balik KK I'll go Gaya Street and look for them. Would look nice in my mother's garden. :D

  2. Wah. Those hibiscus flowers looked so fluufy and big! I like!

  3. aik...i've comment..x masuk hahah...bila ko mo blog pasal ko pi dating massy?? haha come on massy..tell us :P

  4. Hehe adakah kau ni Zaini. Biarlah dia mau secret-secret. =p

  5. noiiiiiiiiii!!!! my comment gone missing!!! noiiii~!!!

    lapar lagi ni

    cindy: yes yes, go buy go buy weeeeeeeeeeee

    zaini: bila masa lagi se pg dating ni? sama sepa?

    haizum: aren't those hibiscus pretty? eeeee sukanya se

  6. uina..dont u hav any sort of BF massy? muahah...unless ure in 'long distance relationship which is proven not working at all' too.. :P