Wednesday, February 07, 2007

when the weirdo turns psychotic >_<

*paused. leg cramp

I noticed that they starting to put on some CNY decoration around my office area. Ahhh, I should have brought my camera!!! >_<" eeks~ Red lanterns everywhere. Eeeeeeeee so cute~

I'm gonna get so pissed again. My line is still not fixed. Aih~ Mum called the other tmNUT guy to come and fix it. But as usual like last time, he gonna charge RM50 *pfttt. haih~ SESB senang-senang sija kasi cut tu line. *pfttttttt.

Since I couldn't go online at nite, I went downstairs to watch tv. My eldest sis is watching "Wars of the World". Sometimes she gets on my nerves coz she ask lotsa stewped Q. Which annoys me. I could remember "Grey's Anatomy" gonna show at 8:30pm every Tuesday. But noooo~, my sis said oh maybe it's at 9:30pm since astro channel guide shows that 24 is showing. 24 my arse. "Grey's Anatomy" is showing at 8:30pm!!! Great! I missed half of it already *sigh~! >_<" See, how small lil things annoys me?

After that, I went up to my room and continue play "Baldur's Gate". Erm, I changed a new optical mouse that I got from my sis. But erm, the grip wasn't great and it sort of suck. >_<" I'm a bit picky with my mouse hahahaha. I need it to be small and very nice grip. Yes, I'm a very picky person. *guilty.

I end up sleeping early coz I was so bored.

So now, I need to maple.

Oh btw, anybody knows if we can convert mp4 to nxv format?


  1. nxv? err.. sorry for being noob, but what format is that? And in what player you can play that?

    I dont know any nxv.. only NXG. :D

  2. hahahhahahaha...erm i think in some china watch it's some kind of mp4 format? iono. i wish i know..i red that at wikipedia oso..*confused

    my dad yang tanya me mana tau hehe that's why ask ppl weeeeeeeeeee

  3. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Hmm.. the best kan, get a tv for your ownself in your room. Baru syok! Whatever channel you wanna watch also can. xP

    Baldur's Gate ar.. Wow, I've seen that game before.. it's somewhere in my gamecase, but I've never tried it yet.

    Syok ar?

  4. siok!!! very siok..i was addicted and still am addicted...for me siok la..

    erm..i got a tv in my room but no astro in my room only

  5. Hey Massy! I don't know but the converting stuff, but I do know that TMNut sounds funny enough to make me smile, haha! Hope your line's fixed ASAP... Don't pay them if they don't deserve it. We musn't succumb to such exploitations!

    Cheers, Hui Wen

    P.S. GA's funny, but its' too bad that I don't watch TV as much as I do back then.

  6. :P not fixed yet? and being psychotic? just dont kill anybody k heheh...and the converting stuff haha..i dun hav any it massy ;P

    argh...and i dun watch tv..coz no astro..beside i dont hav tv at all hahah

  7. Geez, they're the ones with the problem but you have to pay them? Beaurocrats!

    I missed ALL my favorite TV shows this week, cause I've been frickin tired~ Argh! I swear after today I'm holding out til 10 pm before going to bed.

  8. huiwen: yes it is isn't it? hahahahah

    zaini: i googled it..the search found the mp4 watch from china only..there's no software for dl.

    acom: yes yes watch tv watch watch...oh...i dlded heroes ep 14 and watch it coz i cannot tahan hahahaha

  9. WHAT?! YOU CHEATER?! You can't DO that!! *laughs*