Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Weekends~

This year is kinda weird for me. I wake up early every now and then. But thank gawd, I dun wake up around 3am every morning anymore. I hope *pray. I woke up around 5 something yesterday. I guess my mind is set. Did my laundry, clean kitty litter, feed kitties, help mum fry vege and beem mapling till 11pm. Hahahah. I even let kitty out to play. One of my mimi wasn't feeling well, terlebih makan kot. "Tulah temahak, gumuk! mwahhahaha". Imagine me saying this to my cat? Hahahahha, nolah, maybe coz too cold bah lately. And she's the not so active type. Suka tido, suka makan. Not like her sister yang lumpat and panjat sana sini macam munyit.

Well not non-stop. I did stop for the tv series Heroes at er wut tim was that? *forgot. Ohh, I gotta say, it's very very nice. Can't wait to watch the next episode! *very anxious.

So, it happen again. I woke up around 6 something this time. *pfttt. Wel, it's a gewd thing actually. Ohhh, there's been a song that's playing in my head. Since I wake up. If anybody watched the American Idol audition last Thursday? The old guy? Who lost his wife 2 days before the audition? Who sang "You Belong To Me"? That song is playing in my head. Awww, I wanna listen he sing again >_<

Erm, ogie, now I'll be mapling again. Hitting Chronos weeeeeeeeeee


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    I missed Heroes and American Idol the other day! *Grrrrrrrr* I'll try not to miss the next show.. I hope. :D

    I want to have cats too.. I think I'll buy some cats someday. Hehehe. Thank you for the well wish you left on my blog. :)

  2. Hey Massy!

    I wished I could watch 'Heroes'! Alas, I have no Astro! *laughs* Is it available for download in the Internet? OH yeah, my brother's Maple account got hacked, and all his items and abilities went missing! Take extra caution, Massy!

    Cheers, Hui Wen

  3. aha..i knew u massy...u like the story becoz of the charming and hendsome actor kan eleh..bukan buli caya ni :P

  4. It's a good thing that you wake up early! I wish I could. But my sleep time is all screwed up man. Argh. By the way, it's 4am and I'm not asleep yet.

    Hui Wen: It is! I've watched up til the 10th ep I think. I haven't downloaded it in a few weeks though 0_0 Should start downloading them again.

    Cindy : Aku tau apa jadi hehehe.

  5. cindy: u're welcome *hug

    huiwen: yeah i heard. lotsa ppl kena my fren's fren oso kena oh..shite freakie! and yes, heroes is available for download but up till ep 13 i think? my bro dlded it

    zaini: no la...duh~ i dun watch movie or tv series coz the actor or actress pretty la adoi~ i like it becoz of the story line la aduinah

    haizum: my bro dl tapi dia x share folder uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa..i wanna watch...i'm so desperate to watch it :(