Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

It's juz as a normal day as owez for me. Nothing is ever special on this day. The only thing is maybe when we get to see people or couple's behaviour hahahahha ogie mind me.

Anyways, my mum and bro went to the market early morning and she came back with roses, a pot of flower and some porridge. Ooo tasty porridge. This is the porridge my bro talked about. Though, I would prefer more soy sauce and maybe pepper hahahaha XD (I'm asking too much, I know).

I was lazy. Again! Near holidays are never fun for me. I owez get lazy during those hours/time. Anyways, went to work and waited for parking as usual. Guess wut happen? There's this kelisa waiting in front of me. I came first and he sort of parked in front of me. Also waiting for parking. I normally know which car will come out, so I park exactly where I should. Then as usual, this kancil, female driver, I think students? I dunno getting ready to go out. So, I signal even she's haven't reach her car yet coz I know she'll go out. Then this stewped "male" driver in the kelisa in front of me, started to reverse? WTF!? Wut how idiot this person is? I highlighted him coz if he reverse again, sure gonna bang my car. Heck it won't be my fault would it? Anyways, waited again coz the gal was waiting for her fren or maybe they are related, well I dun really care. Again, the dumbarse kelisa driver reverse again. Ogie, WTF?! Huh!? I know la u also wanna park but hello? Can't u see ppl signal. U got signal ka? Dumbarse!! *sigh. In the end, I turn and went in directly to the parking spot. Thank gawd.

Morale of the story. Men are freaking stewped and selfish. Generally speaking. *sigh No offence to guys who are reading this but some of them are! Seriously!


  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Yea, seriously.. there's a lot of dumb drivers out there that made you wanna kill them! okok, not kill la, just gasak only. keh..keh..keh..

    but sabar jer la. whenever you can masuk, just masuk only. i do that too. if i found a parking space first and i signalled first, i'd just go in. if that driver wanna cari gaduh, bring it on! LoL

    bah, Happy Valentine's Day to you. :P

  2. im female...dun worry hahah...i wont mind u :P

  3. cindy: wakakkakaa...yah butul..happy valentine's day! :)

    zaini: wut u mean u female? tukar jantina sudah?

  4. male again hehe