Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Last Day of Holiday

I'll start working tomorrow. And gawd. I'm so bored. Though, I gotta say, I've been listening to acom's version of "Heal Over" over and over again is great. Ogie, I know I should stop coz I sound too addicted to it now. Acom, I totally blame u for this. For those who doesn't know about this song. Do urself a favour and click acom link on my left link menu? *points. (unless if you're blind of coz, u won't be able to find it).

Anyways, last nite, we went to mum's fren, Auntie Lina's house. We go there every year actually. Which I think is fun. Though, I dun do anything but eat and sit quietly at my corner. hehe~ Yes, I dun blend as easy as some ppl. Anyways, someone brought a cute baby. He's so cute. I dunno wut's his name. All I know is that, he's mix. Pakistan mix Chinese. I think the mum is Pakistan? Blurness on that part. Here's a shot of my mum holding him. Mum said he's heavy. Obviously.
awww so cute

Though, I gotta confess that I got fear of holding babies *hiks
from left: auntie lina with the baby, my mum, erm this is uncle harry's auntie and uncle i think? then there's me, my dad and uncle harry sitting from left would be my brother, my 2nd sis and my eldest sis

Notice how the "Light's family" is all in red? *hiks~ The funny part is when we wanna take this shot, lotsa disturbance and everyone was so noisy ahhahaha.

What's different here is, notice the far end left and right? on the left, that's auntie lina's daughter and far right is her son with the gf.

Other than that, it's all great! I'm gonna be lazing around today. Hmm, it's been raining.


  1. weih..all red angpow kah? hahah...when u gonna produce u own baby ah hahah...

  2. got 2 ang pow mwahahhaa punya siok dapat ang pow time tua tua ni..

    produce my own baby? hello? i'm not married yet to do dat wakakakka kuyak~~~~~~

  3. 2 only? pity...heeh..

    get marreid lah..find urself a decent guy..[make sure 'tht thing' work] ehehe

  4. astagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa punya rusak ni urang..cakap sija alim..tapi utak kuning oh

  5. Anonymous8:42 AM

    uncle harry?

    hey he looks familiar... is he uncle harry Lee?

    i think his son was my bro's classmate lah! 0.0"

    - jul

  6. i think so..??

    i think the spelling is lee or lye? inda tau..wakakaka..

    eeee..oh yakah? his son's name is herbert

  7. Thanks for the promo Mas hehe.

    That baby is cute. I want to kidnap him. May I?

  8. kekekeke...welcome..

    ko mo kidnap? se mo kidnap dulu...oh i remember that nite the aunt said, if mo rent the kid, rm500 a day hahahaha *lol