Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day at the beach

My dad was outstation and I had to pick my sis, Tina from work. This time, we went to the beach. I wanted to capture sunset for quite awhile already. We went and found out the mango stalls aren't there. Ogie, all the stalls aren't there. Wut happen to all the stalls?! Anyone know? *sigh.

Oh, this seems new. Mediterranean Bar thinggie? I forgot to get a shot of the signboard. I think it's new? Or it's been awhile since I went there?

My sis and me decided to have a walk in the park while waiting for sun to set. Erm, no fun. The water lilies aren't blooming yet *sigh.

pink water lilies. woo~~ *cries

ogie. this is a terrible attempt to make the background slightly b&w *sigh i know it's terrible

We walked around the park, near towards the end. But not quite. Saw this hut. Took some pix. Main point is to wait for sunset so, yeah.

Walked along the beach. Guess wut we found?

a dead fish *uhuk



is dat a dead rat? sorry. looking at it gross me out a bit. erm, oh that's my slipper. my sis suggested we did a measurement. btw, i'm using size 7/8 so roughly u know wut's the length of that thing?

a bottle. the lifeguard aren't doing their job

sepalah pandai sangat pg timbus ni baldi ah?

our shadows

and yes i was bored. i was gonna write something else. or maybe i love you . the only problem here, i dun like to write something i dun feel. so this is wut i feel! XD

abandoned and empty

the sunset i was waiting for. this was taken last year at 6pm?

and look wut we haf here? not as great as it was that time? oh notice the couple sitting on the log

this is the best of sunset for friday. erm, not as great as i wanted it to be. this was like almost 6:30pm man

We went to Karamunsing coz my sis wanted to buy some stuff from Watson. Usagi is still not open yet. Wut's taking them so long? Lack of staff ka?

Btw, went to fewd court instead for some claypot mee. Or better known as yee mee? It wasn't great. I was juz ogie.

And my sis had fried tang hoon.

Erm, a bit tasteless. Looks nice though, dun u think?

Went to Watson, bought some stuff. Went back at around 9pm. I think.

This morning shower both kitties. Yes, they need it. Busuk sudah. XD They hate it as owez hahahahha.

Sorry for delaying this post. I was having a hard time picking the right photos to post.


  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Well, at least the beach isn't teeming with people! Hope it stays that way for yonks. Food looked very nice and tasty indeed (hopefully not enhanced with MSG!!) ...

  2. i noticed the pictures is really alien to me la! which beach izit??? Tanjung Aru??? which part???? i really need to update myself!

    and that is not just a dead fish, it's a dead Nemo!!!

    btw, nasty shot of the rat/mouse carcass though...macam kena skinned jah! hehe

  3. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Damn, you're making me miss KK so much! I can't wait to go back Sabah lah!!!

    Also I'm really hungry at the moment. Kena lagi nampak that food photo, now I'm craving for food! Matilah ni. Have to go mamak sudah! :D

  4. i think that's a dead Nemo 2....

  5. Anonymous4:55 AM

    yer.. i was about to say it looked like Nemo too.

    Guess he failed to find his father....

  6. anonymous: most of the ppl are at lil italy or are jogging..well not that many ppl oso...gawd dun remind me about ppl putting MSG. oh wait. maybe they did. nobody i lost a lot of my memory these days hahahahhaa

    lucy: it's actually opposite the park? i mean i come out from the park obviously. wut why? and the rat damn ewwwwwwww...lotsa flies around. some joggers were like looking at me shooting it. think i'm crazy or something hahahahah XD who cares!

    lucky haf my sis around

    oh sorry ppl about the dead fish thinggie. when i blog this my brain was halfway dead sudah's a dead nemo...


  7. Mangos?! o0o0o that i have plenty! mango smoothy! mango jeruk! mango fish! mango chicken! mango mango mango ahahahha

  8. Anonymous12:21 PM

    A question if I may .. there used to be a nice lil restaurant in Jesselton Hotel (sorry I can't remember the name), is it still there? Used to be quite good .. is it still? I thought you'd know since you like food ...

  9. restaurant? jesselton hotel...where is dat? sorry...lemme browse for it first..oooo dekat stamford?

    restaurant? no idea...wut restaurant? curious...sedap? wut cuisine? chinese?

  10. Anonymous11:21 PM

    oh well .. i guess it's gone!! too bad cos it was a nice little place! it was on gaya street near the old post office ...