Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Life Progress

I'm screwed! I forgot my medicine today. Hope my eye won't itch. *pray~

It's been raining a lot lately and I've (as usual) would be damn lazy to wake up. It's so nice to sleep. It's really weird to see less cars around my office area today. I wonder why. One of the restaurant is closed. I wonder why too. But hey, thank gawd for parkings! XD

My mum cooked some crabs yesterday. Noi!!!! Temptation! Mas must control temptation. *tsk~ U know wut I'm dying for? Soft crabbies. I want!!! I want em! *drools. *tsk~

Scary, must control eating. Can't eat this and that. Gahhh~ I feel old. *shiteness. Me hate!

Remember when I said the electricity was out yesterday morning. The big tv at our tv room is out, my sis's modem is out and the oven is out too. Burn! Short circuit? I dunno. I couldn't remember any lightning. Hmm..I wonder.

Lemme think of wut to eat today hmm..


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Alamak, SESB getting worse everyday ar? *sigh*

    Sorry to hear you cannot eat ketam. Aiyo, you mention that word only, I also feel like eating ketam now. >.<

    Hope your day gets better today. :D

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    yalah... me ngam2 that time trying to open our auto gate... stuck in the middle. aiyyyaa.a.. and raining somemore. Isk :(

    anyway, u be good ok. hope yer eyes not itchy anymore. me having "kau Chung" for my lunch now. stuck in the usual :)

  3. It's raining heavily in Labuan for the last couple of nights (maybe more), and we had black out at many places...

    Thank GOd la my electric stuff not affected.

    So how's your eyes now? Still itchy?

  4. cin: yeawor, makin buruk ni SESB, bikin panas eh. u know i had a dream about ketam and i had rashes on my whole body? freakie man freakie..

    papa: astaga, so ur gate halfway open la dis? astaga...thanks *hug

    saiful: wuah, heavily rain? i need to wash my car, so dirty, yang berkurun tak bercuci ni ameh~ thanks *hugs, eyes better now, less itchy, must control eating, must control eating XD