Friday, September 11, 2009

Random Updates

So lemme start with the part that I got myself a holga and it's shipped from Hong Kong. Ordered it via ebay. I'll talk about it once I receive it.

On another note, I've been playing Ghost Trapper most of the time. Crazy! My page for this game is owez open. orz. Harlp!

Oh yeah, Le Meridian gave our bosses some gifts.

Jewelery box x2.

ContainsCute ain't it?

My colleague gave me these. So wut happen to the jewelery box? Don't ask. LOL. It vanished to thin air LOL.

Office in moving process. Most of my colleague went to the new office earlier. While I went to collect these. Aren't these cute? Cimbbank octo plushie! These cost RM10.90 but I got these for free ;) Thanks to a gewd fren of mine (I'm feeling greedy). So happy. Oh yeah, and keychains ;)

Also limited edition octos ;)

You can get these, here.

Oh yeah I went to 1Borneo today for Daiso, I need more dust covers and sealed plastic bags. Meanwhile, I also dropped by Kamdar for cotton. Oh please don't take me there. I want a lot of em cotton.

I bought 2 kinds ;) this time.

I got few other cotton cloth that I bought last time. Haven't use em yet. Soon. Soon. Lemme draft out some stuff ;) *procrastinating.

Oh yeah and I got these 1990s (I hope I got the year correctly) stamps from old office mail ;) These are revenue stamps. More info I found on the net, here.


  1. massy, u are a shopaholic now?? :D
    but those cimb plushy are cute la

  2. Mas, wat you want to do with those revenue stamps?

    Sia pun kumpul stem, but not revenue stem :)

  3. @chegu: *sweat. Buat innocent. I am not a shopaholic (indenial). Yes those cimb plush are so cute XD I love it.

    @Nessa: I'm not sure. I have lotsa em. Maybe keep it in a book XD 1st time oh I saw revenue stamps XD

  4. Massy memang shopaholic.. =P