Thursday, September 24, 2009

DIY: Your own bunny (beanie) hat

I'm not the most hardworking person alive but when I'm onto something, I hope I could finish it before I move on to another.  In this case, sewing projects.  I got tons of stuff I wanted to make but I could never, I mean seriously never, put it on paper.

Whenever I wanted to make something, I cut it directly and hope it'll work.  Drafting is not my specialty you see.  Same goes as blogging.  I don't really draft out and proof read any of my post.  So, if you notice any typo, it's either I was blogging when I was totally blur or totally distracted or anything that could possibly explain that.

Words doesn't really come flowing that easily for me but I simply type wut I want to.  Hehe.

Anyways, lets start off with how to make this thing rite?

My base design would be a beanie I got from korea in 1998 which is a roughly square shape.  I won't call it a rectangle coz I think it looks more square.  I think the width measure about 23 inch?  Well coz I sort of measure my head and it's roughly that size coz I like it slightly bigger.  Though the height, don't ask, I sort measured my head and decided to follow my previous beanie height/length.

Now that's done.  An attempt to sew use the sewing machine.  In this case, failed miserably coz the material I'm using is thick felt.  Now we know how thick does the normal felt is and this is the thick kind, and when combining 2 thick felt and try to sew using the machine, it's totally not farnie, coz it didn't move at all.  LOL.

I nearly give up coz I'm not fond of hand sewing coz I tend to sweat a lot especially in a non air-conditioned room.  First of all, I've chosen the closest thread color that I could find in my collection which is a baby blue color.  I should have use white hmm coz it looked almost white.

*note: since the new blogger formatting sux! My images is arranged like this *sigh.

Oh yeah sorry, this is how I sew it together, since it's two (2) small pieces that I bought from Daiso for RM5 each.

So, when both the ends are attached and flipped, it'll look like this LOL.  Ogie, kidding, since it's thick, folding it is a bit hard, hence, I don't think it's farnie that I use the wrong material for this orz.


 Actually it should look like this when it's folded, the same concept as the beanie I based on.

Now for the ears.  I have to make a quick draft for the ears coz shaping it without draft would make it look crooked and ugly.  So, that have to be done.


Lay it on the felt and cut at your own risk!  In this case, I cut four (4) pieces.  I actually plan on using two (2) but somehow it looked kinda thin. 

Continue sewing at work for these ears.

Done both ears.  Erm, yes, there's a reason why I sew it that way.  Or not?

I is have ears! AHHAHAHAHAH ;) 

The actual, sort of finish product looks like this.  I folded the top part, it's actually square.

Front view that I posted at facebook.

Back view, look how ugly it is coz of the thickness it doesn't wanna go down *sigh.

I have to figure out how to pin it down.

Which should look like this.

So, that's about it.  Now you can make your own ;) easy peasy no?

Ogie! Class is over ;)

Last but not least, I went to Likas Square with my bro the other day for this.  Fried rice from OK Chicken Rice coz the chili is so damn kick!


  1. Apa ni, every post mesti ada makanan punya kah? >_>

  2. @Arine: HAHAHAHAH harus! ;)

  3. @kenwooi, hehehe thanks ;)

  4. like the color of the hat. haha. wooo..the yolk makes me wanna poke it..haha..

    From me to you, suejean =)

  5. @SJ: yes, one of the reason why I bought the thick felt is becoz of the color. Impulse buying, most definitely. Anyways, hahahah omg, I also want to poke the yolk hahahaha ;)

  6. Wah nice! I also want one but I want mine with the ears sticking up ... LOL!

  7. @Nick: those need wires/dawai ;)

  8. thats so cool lah massy.
    some more u did it urself!
    im impressed.

  9. @chegu: kekekekek yes yes, I'm so proud of myself. I wanna try sew baju pulak. Melebeh lebeh.

  10. omg @_@" so cool..... you inspire me to learn sewing ever since i saw your DIY NDS pouch.

    i'll show my DIY fleece hat if got the chance in the future.

  11. @Nova: wahhh! I want see!!! ;) Oh man, talking about NDS pouch, I still haven't make the pikachu for falleone orz.

    @Nabil: thankie ;)

  12. Respect lah u massy. So rajin doing the sewing stuff. I like ur sewing post! Post more. Boleh belajar menjahit. Hahahahhaha!

  13. @Fara: Ini aku bab tinguk mood ni. Kalau rajin ;) I got another sewing project coming. But making a tutorial for that is a bit hard. Hmm, maybe I'll make something else ;)

  14. that's a way cool hat....hey, you can come to the sbg as eeyore! all you need now is a face mask...

    and a tail.

  15. @Perry: LOL inda mo! inda cute!

  16. Wahh.. I'm still confused and trying to figure how to make this beanie thingy.. and there you go. A post on food!! Nasib baik aku baru habis makan nasi goreng pattaya ku :D

  17. @cindy: fewd is a must ;) kekekekek

  18. Anonymous6:28 PM

    beanie... 1/5
    beanie... 2/5
    beanie... 3/5
    beanie... 4/5
    beanie... front & back complete...
    nasi ayam goreng with telur mata lembu?!? XD

  19. cuteeeeeeeee.....maybe need to kasi panjang sikit tu kepala baru pandai turun the telinga, no?

    may cuba dulu ni...*now where's that sewing machine???* huahahahaha~ =p

  20. @kent chan: wakakkaka sengaja tu ;) *whistle.

    @angelbear: hmm actually ngam sudah tu length only the er material is way too thick orz.

  21. kekeke beanie bunny is cumil! maybe mau put itu sticky strap tu...ngam ka tu ah?

  22. @Amy C: either that or I put buttons ;)

  23. Anonymous3:35 PM

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