Monday, September 21, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2009

*taking a moment to digest the changes in blogger.  OMGWTFBBQ is this compose layout?!  

Anyways, cough cough, I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a Selamat Hari Raya.  Maaf Zahir & Batin.

*ehem~ *clears throat.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who sent me messages via plurk, msn chat, blog, facebook and sms.

Aight now,  before I get to the eating part, I should just post about DaSaru's invite to his house for "break fast" (buka puasa) the other day.  Nothing much to say but the fewd was great! I mean seriously!  Going to his house is like going to the end of the road.  Well maybe I should a bit exaggerating, not as far as Arine's house but almost there.

Lucky for me though, I follow my brother's car.  Aww cube the driver ;) *pat pat.  I know how it feels.

Oh yeah, here's some photos.

Click this link, here.

*distracted, somehow I hate the looks of this new compose layout.

Moving on.

Yesterday was first (1st) day of raya.  Went to Hangmen's house.  Oh fewd! Lotsa em.

I know during raya u're suppose to eat a lot, but I think I'm a bit self-conscious about my weight.  *blames saru for the weighing scale!!! RAWR!!!  Lets just say my weight is not farnie.  I'm reaching the big 60kg =_="""  Is that thing broken?!

Oh and one should never make me feel this way coz when I do, I start controlling fewd consumption ahhahahaha.  *facepalming.  It has an auto effect on me (lets just say that trying to lose all those fats when I was younger is not farnie).

 *distracted again.  Oh ogie, uploading photos is easier and faster and you could change it on the spot.  Hmmm  I wonder wut if it's multiple images hmm?

Oh yes, now about Hangmen's (*should I link him? *points blogroll at the right sidebar) crib.  It's my first time there.  I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE MWAHHAHA.  Ogie, that wasn't quite the effect I was going for.

There's actually more fewd but this is my plate.  I mean it when I said I'm cutting down on fewd.  Delicious.  Yeah, this amount is enough to make me full.  HAHAHAH ogie I lied I ate at home before (but that was breakfast T_T).

 *wargh! what's with the frigging gap between photos?!  I'm starting to hate the photo uploading function.  hmph.

More photos, here

I seriously can't remember how long we were there but, we had a lot of drinks ;) 

This year raya is pretty quiet.  Not much open house.  But uh oh, but, we went to Internet Arena, Citymall after that. 

Surprisingly, it's full orz.  Well, almost.

Played Killing Floor, new map, WOOT?!  The Hive ;) Fun fun!

Break around 6pm, was it 6pm? or earlier than that?  for ice cream!!!!  Belgian Chocolate at Vedablu *drools ;)  I want green tea ice cream too but but...I only want 1 scoop. 

Dinner at Big Apple Donuts.  ;) omg hahaha.  What's this? Raya outing?

I was disappointed coz they only bring out alien (chocolate) after I had the Iceberg (vanilla + icing).  Hmph.

Was gonna get drinks from fresh after that but fresh was close.  NOI!!!! *screaming and bangs head on wall.  I want berry drink!!!

Continue and play Killing Floor again.  Fun fun fun ;)

Wearing kebaya with heels is not fun, I want my legs on the chair, it's way comfie sitting like that rather than having it hanging orz.  No, you don't have to do wut I said, it's self preference.  Or coz I'm so used to that. @_@"""

Played till 10pm, was it 10pm?  I didn't get to finish my Pet Society visit *cries.  Hence, why I woke up at 6am today.  Just to finish it before 8am LOL.  We don't wanna waste coins now do we? 

It's second (2nd) day of raya today.  Got open house.  Lets raid!!! 

Oh wait, before that, lemme get some sleep, or maybe I should like shower and stay up?  Hmm, no idea.  So how did you guys spend your raya?  Hey!!!  WHERE'S ALL THE FRIGGING FIRECRACKERS MAN!?


  1. Hey Maslight, sorry for the late wish but Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family :D

  2. Makan, makan, and more makan....

    Ni baru la Raya. Selamat Hari Raya!

    p.s. You don't know meh? Firecrackers kena ban la...

  3. @Perry: I know firecrackers kena ban but compared to last year, there's lotsa illegal selling XD

  4. nice shots! hapy raya!

    From me to you, suejean. =)

  5. @SJ: thanks thanks.

  6. Selamat hari raya,Maslight! :)

  7. @mama mia: thanks ;)