Thursday, December 21, 2006


Tomorrow is my day off. Weeeeeee so much fun! I'm packing for my holiday! (barely). Whole day I was playing Maple Story. Oh I was trying to complete my quest (which is hitting and getting 1000 toy drums from bunnies). OMG! I never wanna see a drumming bunny again! But thank gawd for a helpful stranger who is a lvl 61 Cleric from another country (namely Spore) who is way younger than I am, helped me finish by getting half of the drums. Wow. We rarely meet those kinda ppl these days dun we?

Wow, I'm seriously in a gewd mood. I went to pick my sis up from work. Which I seldom do. Coz my patience gets the best of me. I'm easily tempered and I dun like waiting for others hehe. A behavioural change if u ask me. Trying to be a nice person (oh yeah rite! you wish). OMG! It's 7pm and I haven't shower yet OMG OMG OMG!

I'll continue blog later. Oh btw, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everyone! :)

Noted: I wanted to blog about this and I seriously forgot. I was browsing through my Friendster's page and saw and noticed that my friend joined "Blast Off". Anyone who dun know wut "Blast Off" is, go here.

I never actually seen it myself but I heard about it from advertisement. As I was browsing for my friend's band. I saw another friend's band. Oh, the band I'm refering to is "Andalusia" and "Cosmic". Both are vocalist hahahah only for different band >_<". I myself never heard them sing. Dun blame me. I seldom meet them. But I know them.


  1. hahahahha aceone to u too :)

  2. Hi mas, just popping by.
    I know the hardship of killing lots of monsters just for a quest. Makes you wonder if it is worth paying TMNet for this kinda hardship.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Well, I hate MapleStory. It made my brother unstoppable and addicted to it, till he went 'deaf'...and my online time is challenged.

  4. hi chucky hahahah...yeah makes me wonder how am so addicted to level up hahahahahah *rofl

    thwen: true...can get addicted. i myself got addicted. lucky we each have our own computer hahahahaha :)