Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dream Interpretation

I had a dream of the same person. I am sick. I know. Who knows how to interprete dreams? >_<" Why I keep dreaming of the same person? *sigh So, it's like this, I dreamt of meeting "him" and we were out for a drink. But the weird thing, I'm the one serving him glukose. Weird. I did some info digging. I dunno how does this relate but

"Dreams about love not always have sexual meanings, they might reflect your longing for love, warmth, affection and understanding. If you dream of being in love, you will be disappointed in reality. if someone else is in love with you, this person will be of great service to you. Getting a love letter in the dream foretells bad news. If you are the one, who writes a love letter, you are in love right now."

Source: Dream-Land's Dream Dictionary not helping! Ahhh, my days couldn't get any worst. Parking here is always a drag. I wish I have someone to send me to work. So I won't need to worry about looking for parking at this lousy place. *sigh. Where did all my luck go? Well, at least today I waited for less than 1 hour. Normal days I would be waiting more than an hour or so *sigh.

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