Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ways To Handle Stress

I find it so obvious that I'm not the kind of person who handle stress very well. So, today, I decided to look for information from the net (it's never to late to start fixing urself?). Wow, there's a lot, but I think I'll share some here.

Stress affects your body so much as food and exercise. A combination of emotional and physical pressures, it can either help you with challenges and problems or make them many times worse (indeed, I think my case may consider as worst? >_<"). Some feelings that often come from stress:
  • being tired all the time (yeap having that, I thought this might be that my energy was sucked out by the sun?)
  • mood change for no reason (i thought this might be cause by pms)
  • can't concentrate (i can't stop thinking, but i dun doze off and lose focus)
  • cry over stewped things (most probably, coz i get frustrated with people all the time)
  • can't sleep (can sleep but i tend to wake up around 3am everyday)
  • headaches (only when i'm pissed)
  • fearful, but don't know what's frightening you (i get paranoid over things sometimes)
  • have nightmares a lot (i won't say i have nightmares all the time but i guess it's more towards running away or maybe meeting someone, but i think that have to do with insecurity?)
  • palms get sweaty (now who can tell me that they dun haf sweaty palms?)
  • accident prone (not really, sometimes minor cuts)
  • hungry all the time, no matter how much you eat (er i guess i get hungry but i tend to starve myself, does that count?)
  • no motivation to do anything (ahhh this happens all the time. I blame it on laziness)
  • loss of enthusiasm (most definately)
Click here to know more about stress (more...)

I'm learning ways to handle stress. Hopefully I live a better healthy life.

And I know I should stop sighing. It's really bad. I know!


  1. You under stress bcoz of your cat??

  2. nope..personal matters

  3. err...try this traditional method of handling stress...get a husband heheh..[now u can share some of ur stress with him...u have somebody to slam err..]

  4. ewwwwwwwwwww...a husband or a slave? *sigh..oh i can't juz live with somebody...i dun like ppl attach to me all the's annoying

  5. married is not in your list lah :P ?? wonder.....-_-

  6. hahahahahhaha marriage is not my priority hahahaha...coz i know for a fact that nobody is yet to stand my attitude hahahah...everyone give up weeeeeeeeeeeeeee