Sunday, August 31, 2008

[30th Aug 2008] Lolita & J-Fashion Outing

It was raining, I followed my bro to Warisan Square for a Lolita & J-Fashion outing planned by Irene and Sakura chan. Er, ogie, more like planned for Sakura chan? @_@ *blurs~

No, I did not dress up in an outfit. I'm just there to take some shots. Er, they say it's gewd practice?

Anyways, first off, we assembled near the lift but as the number grew, we seemed to be blocking people's pathway so we moved to somewhere else. Hmm, say Fish and Co. for lunch. I've skipped lunch coz I had brunch from home. Well, it's not as much but it should hold me up till before dinner? It was still raining btw. After lunch, we proceed to Palm Square, Centre Point Sabah (better known as CPS?) . There's a blood donation campaign going on there. Loads of people at the ground floor.

Here I post up some of my favorite shots from this outing.

this is sakuya chan, she's gone all decora. more clips!!! need more clips! XD

some of the cspians in lolita outfit. did you know that there's actually different names for these outfit? from maido to sweet loli to gothic loli to waloli @_@ I'll let the experts explain those to you people

sakura chan trying to fly! XD

More photos, here. I'm not done editing the photos yet. I'll just post it up at my facebook photo album. Check it there aight peeps.

before everyone proceed to whereever they're going

leech photo from Shadow, coz I'm in it XD

Photos from the other photographers are available, here.

Feedbacks and comments are welcome. XD

What we got from this outing?

People's expression = priceless.
Photo taking = tons of fun!
Photo booth taking = uber funny! XD

After the outing, we went to KAC. MasterMune treat us with carrot cake + raisins + cream cheese @_@ woo~ I would love it, but I'm not a fan of raisins in cakes XP But nice. I rike! Remove em raisins man! XD

you can get these at the ground floor of KAC XD near the pet shop?

We went to karamunsing slightly after that, had dinner at McD. Ogie some of them had their dinner at RCH. We left and went to bryan's house at around nearly 10pm? Or was it 9pm? I swear I think I was there around 10pm @_@ *blurs~ Anyways, we had a partial (I couldn't and wouldn't call it 1 round) of Tannhauser boardgame. This boardgame belongs to 540. Well since she got curfew, we had to put our game to a stop.

Tannhäuser is a tactical board game of paranormal investigations and Great War combat, pitting the forces of the Reich and the Army of the Union together in a struggle for control of the Obscura Cardinal Cornerstones, magical artifacts of immense power.

ze board

Just browse for it online. I'm still confused with this game. All I know is we need to kill the bad guys XD Click here for more information about this game.

we use dices to attack + defend? it sux when you know you can attack but your dice rolls sux @_@

this is my character. i'm a hero chick XD

The heroes are more to physical attack while the bad guys *cough cough are more use their mental, can attack through walls @_@ GG.

More photos from boardgame outing, here.

After all that? I'm now down with slight fever and major headache. Why do I call my headache major? Coz I'm sensitive to any kind of sound now. Any slight movement to my head, it's like hearing lightsaber being swung over and over again. I had to skip Jofanna's Bridal opening today. I had panadol to make me heal faster for the 7pm birthday party BakaNeko planned for his gf.

Last but not least, I'm sorry if this post is a bit messy. It's just that I left it for a day and continue blogging, which doesn't work that well with me. I just can't do that, whatever happens on a certain day, I must blog it on the spot so that it won't be screwy like this T_T Gomene minna~

Oh yeah and HAPPY MERDEKA people! This year's merdeka celebration kind of quiet don't you think?


  1. Yiii...nice outfits! I really don't think I would dare to wear one of those to go jalan2. ^.^ so..I salute those who do! hehe...

  2. tal: i think u would if there's lotsa ppl doing it? XD

  3. ROAR kawaii des but I'm not around :(

  4. mrs. ezman: we actually have more ppl only timing kurang ngam T_T

  5. blue: there's owez next time. come and join us! XD

  6. I love raisins!! And that cake looks divine, even if the decor is minimal. Yang penting rasa dia ba kan :)

    Yeah, the Merdeka celebration was muted. Even the midnight celebration pun macam tiada seja. Didn't hear much fireworks too. The spirit was definitely missing.

  7. nessa: sad ain't it? anyways, i love raisins if it's not in cakes XD

    jna: XD u is GG

  8. owh..if more ppl wore it on that day, would be really cool to see the pic here. nway, nice pic :)

  9. mrs. ezman: thanks *hugs

  10. sakura chan is my student here in college! hahaha...

  11. viv: XD hahahahah wah, so ic XD small world

  12. aunty you forgot to mention how i kick ass in tannhauser!!

  13. uncle LOL i leave u to that XP hahahahahah how u killed the queen? XD