Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Weekend

I sort of doze off early last nite. And I was looking forward to chatting with someone. Anyways, yesterday I went home early, like 3pm, coz my mum wanted some help with the groceries. Yes, we went to the "most dislike hypermart" they call Giant. They plan to take over the world!!! Why can't we have Jusco here? T_T *cries. You don't wanna know how much that whole shopping cost. Not really the main point of this post but, I was browsing for shokugan (miniatures) yesterday and stumbled upon this hobby site called This site is in Korean! =_=" I can't read shite and no translation, but I'm not gonna complain about it but to tell you guys, who loves cutesy figures/items? This is what we like to call "UBER POISON!!" I'm serious!

I know, some of these items are available locally and can be ordered from Japan. But...*sigh, some can't and those some are the ones I want! *cries. Yes, I started having this obsession about collecting Pinky Street figures since my bro got his first figure. *sigh. I blame him for this. The next thing I was obsessed about were the Re-ments miniatures. I saw some new brand of miniatures which is from Hong Kong, which also cost more! WHAT?! WHY?! sold at BakaNeko's shop, Moe Yume at 1st Floor of Kompleks Karamunsing. I'm unsatisfied with the pricing. I mean why does it cost more than Re-ments?! I don't get it but I'm planning to get it. *sigh HELP!!

I think I saw 3 kinds of these chair sets. 1 kind is available at KK toys, I forgot how much it cost though

this mailbox is so damn cute!

Oh yeah, I'll show you some of the GGness from aight. Oh and if you know where I can get these items locally or the easier way, please drop me a message will ya?

Here's a new blog site you guys should check out. It's called Experimental Playground. It's a lil boardgame project from the guys. Click here for more details.

My sleep is so screwed the moment I hear my UPS making noise. Yeap, no electricity in the morning. I don't know what time though. But I was up around 5am =_=" Oh I feel the GGness. I slept early last nite, so yeah I woke up early too. I did my laundry and now I'm updating. Oh yeah, you guys might not know that I'm currently running on openSUSE. So yeah, I'm updating my wares. I got Panja to thank for that btw. I had my doubts the first time I installed it, but now I'm kinda hooked on it. OMG! SAVE ME! I'll continue with somemore updates *___*

I think this post is all about saving massy. Have a pleasant weekend peeps.


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    That small lips looks nice. That would make a really good present for someone;)

    Waaa you really like these stuff huh... Don't you play PC games too?;B

  2. Eeeee so kiut!!!!!!

  3. arms: yes i love these kinda stuff, and yes i love games too..

    rozie: yes it is XD

  4. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Mother chucker... the relaxing chair and those other chairs are damn cute!!!!

  5. aunty i have that mail box! but blue one!

  6. wut? uncle gimme! where u got it?

  7. Tiada miniature fruit or food ka?? Hehe

    Kalau made in Japan sure mahal punya. I kenot afford... buy made in China seja la... sighhhh...

  8. Nessa got! They call it re-ments. Each boxes cost around rm14++ 1 box filled with 10 collection is around less than rm200. XD I'll blog about it sometime XD