Monday, September 22, 2008

Canon Talk Show

I was out with my sis on Saturday. Our so called "baju raya" shopping. Yeah rite! Either the kebaya doesn't fit my size or it'll be uber expensive or the design is fugly. I end up buying something else mwahhahaha. I got myself a dress (backup) and a shoe. I don't usually buy those but since I can't owez loan my sis's dress all the time ogie, her sizing is er different from mine so yeah. It was tiring. I went to so many place. I was from home to Tg. Aru Plaza, then to Karamunsing, then to Wawasan Plaza and to Wisma Merdeka and finally go home at night after break fast. Oh, so tiring. We "break fast" at Wisma Merdeka food court, coz going to CPS that moment is just crazy. My sis had black pepper lamb (the sauce was tasty) but the lamb was a bit hard to chew. I had tropical pizza! *slurps~ I should have ordered a bigger one!

Next stop, Sunday~

I was so tired from all the walking that I nearly don't wanna attend the Canon Talk Show. Why? Coz it starts around 8am and ends around 5pm. Thanks to Gerry for registering me. Crowded places scares me. There's people that I know there but the amount was so great that it make me slightly paranoid. I end up being quiet most of the time. I think I felt slightly better around after noon when Fara was there. XD

The morning session was a talk by Mr. Kaz Chua. He does potrait photography? He showed us some slides of photos he took on his trip to Mongolia? I think I went hyper with macro shots XD OMG I seriously can't remember the 1st session. The next talk was by Mr. Teoh Peng Kee. He's the representative from Canon Malaysia. His talk were more towards the camera and some *cough cough product introduction. I think most of the talk are about the new camera models. The 50D and 1D Mark III? *blurs.

Lunch break. Portrait shoot, we were given 3 models to shoot at. Interesting indeed. It's my first time for shooting in this kind of condition. Slightly intimidated with other people's gadget. Oh, and it's hard to squeeze in between these people. It's scary @_@. *paranoid.

My failed attempt in capturing portrait shot.

Model 1:

Model 2:

Model 3:

Next is = COMBO

Which brings to THE HORROR!!! @_@""" One thing I rather not do. Squeeze into crowd. No wai~ @_@

Besides the 3 models, this is also one of the attraction. LOL kidding.

Actually they were passing by. I should ask them to stop XD

In between the lunch break, after finish shooting the models, I wasted some time bugging people on sms. XD I should have brought my DS along. Dammits~ I felt slightly sleepy. The next session started around 2pm. We had another talk by Mr. Teoh. I think he was showing some macro shots that was printed out and displayed outside the hall. But at one point, he showed a green snake shot that I had to cover my eyes. And I think I did that 3 times or so. Urgh, the image is enough to make me paranoid. =_="" After, we had demo potrait photography by Mr. Kaz Chua again. Oh, I think everytime they dim the lights, I sense myself dozing off. First with a white background, next with a black background. I left during tea break. Which was around 4pm? Can't hold on any longer. I'm uber tired.

We had problem with our electricity at home. We only get partial. Half of the house is dark. I can't online till it recovers around 2am. But thank gawd I still can watch TV. Yay~ Finally caught the reruns of Amazing Race Asia 3 episode 2. Waw, the race is tougher. Seriously.

I was counting the days till holiday. I'm not excited with raya since it doesn't felt like raya. I just want day off work XD

My internet connection at home sux to the max.

The End XD


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    The last shot is the best model!

  2. Agree with Gallivanter. The guy riding the ostrich (Ostrich ka tu??) got my attention, pronto! Hehe

  3. nessa: yeah ostrich XD hehe

  4. wow....nice chix.. hehehe.. tunggu jak aku beli nikon D90.. hehehe tunggu rilis

  5. aj: T_T very intimidating oh >.<"""

  6. Anonymous2:27 PM

    i find the guy in funny costume more interesting! :D

  7. u lari awal, u missed the lens promo and door gift.

  8. With models who pose like that, even a Hasselblad won't help la ... LOL!

  9. cc: LOL indeed it is...but he was walking too fast T_T

    dori: who cares, too tired.

    nick: LOL

  10. lol apa lah door gift dia? new lens?

  11. uncle..a canon bag? i think

  12. itu 3rd modelsgt menggoda bah...
    hihihihi lol :D

  13. angriani: eh? i tot she looked kinda sweet XD

  14. sayang, sayang...

    wish could go, but got commitments.

    so, pro sudala kan after attending the talk?

  15. perry: nolah still not pro bah XD

  16. The models semua macam indak pandai berposing oh!!!

  17. rozie: I think takazut bah tu...terlampau banyak DSLR LOL