Saturday, September 27, 2008

CSP Juice Outing

I'm leeching photos off Fara.

As planned by Mika, we had a juice outing today. What started with less than 20 confirmed members turned into a roughly 40 members. @_@ waw~ I was surprised to see that many came. There weren't enough tables and chairs for everyone, so we had to sit at another section table. Since the stall owner won't let us sit there without eating their food, Jack ordered some satay at 50 cents per stick. But I heard it doesn't taste that good.

I had my usual watermelon juice *slurps~

Panja bought some peanuts too. XD Thanks Panja hehe~

Thanks for cheering me up Panja XD

At one point, Panja was throwing peanut shells at people LOL~

Here's some shots Fara took, people who came.

from left: zero, ??, dennis, IRTeA, cubex and uncle (whytespider)

ringo, DaSaru, Pharell and Mika

More photos, click her link thanks.

Here's some of the shots Jack help me take. Ahhh the beauty of photoshopping XD (remove pimple mwahhahaha)

from left: (standing) fara, rach rach, vam vam, (sitting) panja (aiya panja moved) and me

from left: sakuya chan, me, marsie, (at the background, enter frame is dori)

from left: panja (alah tercut), sakuya chan, me and marsie X3

me and IRT *peace

Those who took photo! Gimme! I want copies!

There should be some kind of introduction people! I dunno some new faces! @_@

But overall it's a great outing.

It's 2:30am, I need to shower now. All that smoke and stickiness gotta go away before I sleep!


  1. isit the same night? as chicken rice shop?... coz.... after one b, i went to tanjunag also, saw alot of peeps with cams... LOLZ!

  2. yipi: no, different nite, chicken rice was on thursday, this juice outing was on friday XD

  3. i guess i have the same place at juice place... LOLZ

  4. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Missed it! Wish i was there!

  5. rainer so sexy.. ehehehehe

  6. nah, kan!

    what did i say...kaki jalan and kaki makan! lol!

  7. yipi LOL we conquered the place XD

    impy: yeah why u didn't join? @_@

    fie: XD

    perry: noooooooooooooooo indada XD

  8. Anonymous11:37 AM

    What a big turnout. Are they all bloggers?

  9. yinsi: yeap~ big turn out...some of them are bloggers...wait most of them are but they're more represented as CSP forumers XD