Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Duck @ Chucky's Birthday + Appreciation Party

This was a short-notice plan masterminded by fallenone (Nick).  I'm the co-organizer since this started from the conversation I had with him via msn.  Duck has always been there for us in parties/outing/events and never fail to take photos of us.  And he's also the one poisoning people with camera and lens.  Last nite, we threw a birthday party for him (most of us (CSPians) know each other since the forum started), and uh oh, he is not the one taking photo this time ngehehehe.  A day plan is not farnie, but the outcome sure is great!

I manage to gather less than 20 people to this party.

And Duck's birthday was on Monday but we only celebrated it on Tuesday kekekekekek.

Time to meet up: 7pm.  Expect Sabah Time LOL.

First to arrive was Flan, then me and Cubex, followed by Panja and etc.

Lets just say we got, well almost the whole of Secret Recipe, Warisan Square for ourselves that nite.  On another note, Flan brought along his video cam, digi cam and Fuji instant camera (for the group photo).  3GB (correct?) for the video!

My bro's car aircond weren't working so when I reach SR, I had to sit near aircond.  Aircond is my friend. 

Anyways back to the story, fallenone and wifey arrived and got everything ready, he brought along a box of donuts and got everyone to sign the card too.  Anyways, me and bro decided to share our dinner.  So we ordered the Grilled Black Pepper chicken (with rice).

I've suggested we order the Chicken Cordon Bleu but no, did he listen?  No, he was too bz smsing XD

He (or we?) failed to resist and ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu.  And out of umm was it 17 people? 8 ordered this okay.
Here's a video recorded and edited by Flan about how Cubex and Panja resisting it PHAILED, click here.  

Anyways, it was past 7pm and no sign of birthday boy around.  fallenone had me call Duck to check his whereabouts.  Thank gawd he arrived shortly after I text him XD

Yus help Yack by covering him during the card signing.

No sign of Flan putting down the video cam.

See what I mean?  No sign of Cubex putting down the handphone.

I was texting some people checking their whereabouts.  Arnab scold me T_T .  We couldn't wait for any late comers since it's already past 8pm and everyone had finish their dinner.  It'd be awkward.  

Duck stabbing the cake, little that he know it contains duck meat mwahhahahaha.  Ogie, I lied.  It's Secret Recipe's White Chocolate with Macadamia.  SWEET!!!  But nice.
It was the ultimate tarp!
Here's another video, edited by Flan during the birthday singing.  Lotsa quacking.  Click here.

I gotta say, long table is extremely long.  And we were loud hahaha as always.

Nex and Abu got pish eye?

Me, Cube and Panja shared this piece of cake.  

Flan bloated from eating too much cake.

Boomer! Oh gawd, I think some of us laff too much that night.  High on white chocolate?

Paying time.  Everyone pay to fallenone kekekeke.

Group photo!!!  Had the SR staff took it 4 times.  2 from my camera and 2 from the polaroid.

Since ripz went missing he's left out from the group photo.  Somebody photoshop him in please!
More photos, here.

Overall it was successful, everyone had a gewd laff.  Bloated and laff more.  Gonna wait for the other videos from Flan ;)

Today's brunch is slices of tomato with bread XD  I need to walk more rounds.


  1. A big Thanks to the Bday Boy for attending our outings and tirelessly taking our photos only to have the photos leeched from his FB and blog. >.<

    Anyways Happy Bday chucky and Quack Quack Quack!!! XD

    A big thanks also to all who came and made this short notice gathering a success. Credits to Flan and Mas for the photos and the roflmao-kcik-arse video! XD

    P.S. I am not affiliate with Mastercard rofl!

  2. @fallenone: HAHAHHAHAHA long table reserved and sponsored by mastercard LOL

  3. sia manada scold you o~ XD

  4. wow! sure a long table until bengkok2....nice cake!!!! XD Happy birthday to Chucky!!!

  5. @sakuya: kekekekek XD I still lap u XD

  6. @Amy C: yeah, dari ujung ke ujung ni. I can't hear anyone from the other end XD