Friday, April 02, 2010

Ice & Fire Cafe @ Lintas

Oh gawd, I smell like fewd oil so badly that I need another shower today (before I start my rant).  After shower, I realize my room smells like kitchen.  OMG! #_# 

Tonite, we (the CSPians, there's like 13 of us) went to Ice & Fire Cafe at Lintas for the first time to try the ice cream.  I actually wanted to try their ice cream coz Fara blogged about it and was tempted by the ice cream sotong ordered.  Her blog post, here.

There's also a post by Everyday Food I Love in KK, here.

I mean looking at the picture and the review surely make you wanna try it too rite?  So, we were suppose to meet around 7pm but I called the cafe 3 times, nobody pick up.  Fallenone was nice enough to go there early to check if the cafe was open or not.  And it was, we went to meet up.  Combined 3 tables.  Place our orders.

Found out this place opens daily from 12 noon to 12 midnight.  They close on Tuesday of first week of every month.  I think.

There's two (2) types of menu.  The fire menu and the ice menu. 

They also have sets that combine both, add RM1 for orange/lemon juice.  In the menu, price for orange juice is RM8 or was it RM9.  Seriously?  Overcharging?  Are those the same?

Fallenone and wife ordered these. 

Chicken chop and spaghetti.  Erm, the chicken chop is different from the photo at the shop.  Shouldn't the sauce be cheese instead of mayo?  I've tasted the chicken chop.  It's not gewd at all.  I mean it's overcooked and it's a bit hard to eat.  Could get a better chicken chop at another restaurant/cafe for a cheaper price and would taste better.  Not sure how the spaghetti taste though.  But I don't think the sauce is enuff.

Kuaci boy had burger.  I wonder how that taste.

I've ordered Tempura Fish Fillet with Black Pepper.  Mind you, I had it sent back coz from first cut (using fork and spoon?!?!?!?!), it's not properly cook!  They recooked the fillet and it's overcooked.  Harden liao

Yack yack ordered Tempura Fish Fillet set.

Nearly mixed up the order, the waiter couldn't tell which is which?  Newb waiter?

Since the "Fire" side weren't that great.  Lets check the "Ice" side.

Your flavor selection, but not everything is available.  Especially when it's holiday.  Available choice would be vanilla.

Panja and Jna ordered Waffle Hard Ice Cream.

Should the waffle be that hard?  I was having a hard time cutting it.

Sotong and fara ordered these.  Melting ice cream is not pretty.

Drink and drive advert for non alcoholic malt beverage? o.O

I understand now why Amy C gave them a rate of 2.5/5 (read it here).  Based on wut I had, I'll prolly give it a 1/5.  Wait, maybe a -2?  Dun get me started with the service.  Slow!  And one of my fren waited for so long and in the end still didn't get her spaghetti.  Izzit becoz of the holiday?  I mean seriously?  If you dun wanna open and serve then dun open during the holidays ler

And wut happened to the ice water I ordered?  Forgotten?!!? (*#&$(#$(#


Btw, my raves, here.

Conclusion, never go during holidays or at night?  Stick with desserts!!!  But then again, a gewd place would always provide gewd service.  Should I give it another chance?  Hmm.  We'll see.


  1. well if the place served the worst spaghetti, that's definitely not my choice. I still prefer Uppperstar's spaghetti.

  2. yea.... the things is.... IM THE "ONE OF MY FRIEND"damn it..... i wait like a century, they gave this answer "Spaghetti SOLD OUT!! " why not you just tell me it sold out while i ordering the FOOD?!

  3. @boo: not sure 'bout the spaghetti, but looks a bit dry.

    @sakuya: arnab kebulur fan toi!

  4. chicken chop was hard. i mean "beef-jerky" kinda hard! ndak sedap.

    Spaghetti was ok but not enuf sauce and cheese powder.

    The waiter forgot about my ice-cream.

    Air-cond wasn't cold enuff.

    Couldn't get the WiFi to work.

    Food was slow.

    'Nuff said.

  5. @Nick: I think they can't handle lotsa customer? Iono man #_# oh I tried the chicken chop, hard and almost hangus #_#

  6. close at midnight?
    we left before 10 and most stuff already sold out oh..

  7. @saru: that's why I say bagus jangan buka time cuti kalau inda mo.

  8. Julian, panja and i went there again the next day for another try/giving another chance to them.. apparently everything turned out good to our major surprise. The big burger was good & julian's ice cream was BIG! I dislike the taste of the soft ice cream though... maybe my tongue confuse dy after tasting julian's rich taste of fattening ice cream.

  9. @fara: but service still slow? XD

  10. eh sa baru nampak dis post....hah! see??!! but the service time i go there was ok, maybe coz a few customer only there...

    p/s: i will still remember my yoghurt ice cream that nite....sedih betul...

  11. @Amy C: I seriously think they need to get a fix on that ventilation thinggie.

  12. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Your friend actually blogged about ICE CREAM ???!!!??? Wow: too sad for words. :-O