Monday, April 05, 2010

1st Week of April 2010

I don't think April started fun. More $$ fly away, well more like I spent it on figurines and new set of tyres.  I need to focus on something else!

On another note, my house been on blackout spree for 3 days now.  What's wrong with SESB lately?! =_="""

Didn't go anywhere on Saturday.  It was pouring.  But I manage to take photo of this.

On Sunday, I went to Just Wargame to paint more orks.  Gawd, I'm such a slowpoke, I manage to undercoat 2 orks only.  I was distracted by people sculpting, weird conversations, the rain and the lightnings.  OMG, I forgot to paint the back of the weapon?  My bad.

Jna sculpted a cupcake (with cherry on top) for Ripz's ork.

Er Ripz, dun sniff green stuff please.

Uh oh!  She'd also made a unicork out of one of his orks ;)

Here's Jna's post about her green stuff.

Oh and I got some free Intimate pads lulz.  Thanks Yus lulz.

Anyways a bunch of anime fans friends is organizing "I'm Sabahan and I want to see Evangelion 2.0 movie in Cathay KK".

The proposed date for the movie as follows:
Movie: Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not Advance)
Date: 15 May 2010
Time: 8.30pm
Ticket Price: RM15 per head(free souvenir included)
More information, here.



  1. orks? unicorks?? wat language are you speaking ah?? syioknya kamu ni main-main :D

    aiyoh, still got blackouts ka? last december sia balik kampung pun blackout juga... inda cukup bateri mangkali tu SESB ba.

  2. @Nessa: kekekekeke. unicorn ork XD kekekekekek. Anyways, yeah inda tau ni SESB balik balik mati karan, bikin tensen sija.