Saturday, April 17, 2010

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14

I've been waiting for the new cycle for ANTM for months now.  Can't believe I missed out on the actual release date.  I got Ruth to thank for that.  And it's been a month?  Or a week? since the release of cycle 14.

Here are your top 14!

I got my eyes on some to win this but *sigh.  Some of my favorites got booted out for being emo.

My current favorite photo shoot is episode 4.  Love em!

Just finish watching episode 6.  And mind you, streamyx been acting up a lot lately.  Watching all 6 episode on youtube is not farnie.  That whole waiting is not fun at all.

On another note, look wut at the roadside to my house.

So "clean" oh these people (non locals).

And the workshop owner was complaining about the road to mum the other day.  How he had to "patch" it up.  Like duh~ the road turned that way because of his stewped trucks.  Of coz you have to patch it up lar~  Want my dad to spend money to tar it again and get the same road filled with holes?  No point man.

Mind you, eventhough they use bricks, they should like break em into smaller pieces, our cars aren't trucks ogie?!

There's also a number of blackouts in my area.  Wait, more like my house.  Now all the socket outlets in my room aren't working.  I had to resolve with two (2) extentions from outside my room.  Sad.

This one photo I took when sending a friend home last week made my day.

1st impression, both of us were speechless.

Oh, I gave D Cube Catering another chance on their fewd.  I had Mackerel.  Hmm, not impressed.  *sigh.  I ain't feeling it.

My rave, here.

I'm trying to get a new laptop.  But I can't decide and the ones I wanted are over RM3k ;_; *sigh.

Happy weekend people!

P/S:  I've been bz playing Treasure Isle on facebook and writing blog post for Animetsu.


  1. wahh from sampah to delicious food..

  2. uish...sandi eh the sampah... :(

  3. but..i love american next top model.. especially time photo shoot.. hehe

  4. @Aj: kick kan, anyways my fav booted off sudah, I love pthe photo shhot too.

    @Amy C: yes, hari hari se limpas, sakit mata memandang.

  5. ANTM!! My feveret tu! Tapi lama suda inda tingu sbb alwes miss the episodes. Sia inda rajin layan YouTube... normally sia tunggu di Channel V tapi not sure if they're showing the latest season :(

    sewel la tu woksop owner... pandai komplen tapi yang kasi lubang dia punya lori juga... ish, ish, ish....

  6. like Nessa, i love ANTM but just too lazy to layan YouTube.jadi walaupun terlambat, i wait for them on Channel V also..tapi mcm lama suda nda nampak ANTM o..

    OMG! the sampah! cilaka juga diorang tu..

    hmm..itu tauke workshop pun sot juga..senang2 komplen urang lain, tapi nda sedar sendiri punya salah..

  7. @Nessa: I used to download every ANTM episode there is, but took up too much hddisk space. Anyways, we actually complained about the jalan already bah to the er apa tu durang panggil? calon undi? But masih jua gitu, bidak oh kan?

    @Mama Mia: yabah, baru tu durang taruk pun inda pandai kasi rata, rusak absorber kreta se oh.

  8. I use to watch that America's Top Model show, would you believe? LOL!

  9. wah.. kau minat betul oh ni show kan? sia pernah tinguk lah but i think that was wayyyyy back during first season.

    nowadays jarang tinguk tv sudah since pindah rumah. haven't had the time to call astro utk pasang the dish. LOL

  10. @Nick: Till which season did you watch? XD

    @Cindy: Yes! I love it! Photoshoot are sometimes very inspiring ;) I'd hate the drama though.

  11. MASSY???????

    America's Next Top Model????

    Why i find it hard to believe?

  12. @Donna: wat? o.o why? XD I love watching it okay XP

  13. ah sa lambat, sa baru tnguk epi5..atau epi 6 kali tu..haha..lambat ba connection..mau tunggu lama..huh..tepa,cutisa berabis tnguk ;P

  14. @Ruth: I watch latest ep every Friday. Geram jua sometimes youtube inda mo load.