Monday, April 26, 2010

Miss Pahaness / JnaGG's "early" birthday surprise

When I said early, I mean early.  Like coz her actual birth date is on 29th. 

Nex prepared light (you call that light?!) snacks and cake for the "parteh".  Location?  Internet Arena, Citymall.  L4D2 = camouflage.


Everyone gathered at Arena around 6pm and went to eat dinner since she (birthday girl) said she will only come after dinner.  Lucky she came when everyone (well almost everyone) came already.  And acted normally.  She sat next to Abu and we started the game but.... Little did she know.

Her reaction.

I mean...

Kuyachan volunteered to bring the cake.  Was suppose to have a w40k background theme playing but....orz.

But while holding it, "HELP!!! This is heavy!"

Mekke wish! XD

Blow em candles!

My camera battery died but thank gawd duck was there ;) kekekek photo leeching.

The birthday cake.  This spells calories!  Anyways, if anyone wanna order this cake, I can forward you the contacts hehe~


My bro gave her this.  For the LULZ! XD

Present from kuyachan.

Jna become her property XD

From ripz.

Yack got her this.  She T_T

Zack got her this.

Cut cake!

Er, my bro er =_= paha er..

Duck's post, here.

I'd call this a success!


  1. @bex - i saw wat u did thar

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