Friday, March 26, 2010

Lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters

It's a trap! Set by my brother to get me.  LOL.  Kidding!

This was suppose to be yesterday's post but somehow my time was limited yesterday.  Couldn't blog about this.  Or wait, maybe I was bz doing something else.

Anyways, back to the whole having lunch thing.  Actually we planned this since last week since my brother said that  the promotion for Spicy Flamin' Chicken meal gonna be end of this month.

So, there I was, ordered 1 set for myself with drink.

This meal is inclusive of quarter chicken with flaming sauce, 1 muffin of your choice (vanilla, chocolate and banana) and 3 side dishes.


And my order finally came.

The mashed potato is very bland.  I rather take all Garden Salad.  #_#

The chicken was fine, but I rather have it with mushroom sauce.  PERIOD!  This kinda meal, I'd normally share it with someone like my mum or my sis.

But, I manage to finish it #_# oh thank gawd.  I nearly ask them to "tapao".

Thought of treating Clay for Secret Recipe curry puff but they wanted Big Apple Donut instead.  My treat since I just got my salary hohohoh.

I never ever wanna eat at KRR unless someone share that quarter chicken with me! #_#


  1. clay n cube nampak ghey... *lari n tapuk*

    i nvr finish my fewd everytime i eat at KRR...Big Apple looks yummy! XD

  2. @Amy C: nah kan apa se cakap. XD

  3. Mas, itu bukan quarter tu ko punya's half! no wonder you were trying hard to get 'em finished.

    I love KRR's chicken with the mushroom sauce as well. But i always take quarter...thats the smallest portion yg i can finish.

  4. eh wait, did you purposely ask for the wing part? cos i see no thigh there. well, anyways....even at quarter portion but if you ask for the upper part, memang susah mau habis...too much of the flesh hahaha

  5. @chegu: quarter tu. I think it's quarter. And tu wing punya I change with my bro, I love wing XD kekekeke mo pingsan se kasi abis oh.