Friday, March 05, 2010

Practical Creative Studio (PCS)

I'm helping a friend to promote this ;)  (I'm copy pasting btw).

Interested in learning:-
1. Photoshop
2. Corel Draw
3. Illustrator

Photoshop Class

Corel Draw Class
Illustrator Class
5 Reasons You Study @ “PCS”(Practical Creative Studio)

Fast-Track Course with Affordable Rate
The well-designed 14-day course at only RM36 per day. 
Course layout is fun, 
highly-interactive and comprehensive!

Experienced Lecturers
Our experienced lecturers improve your computer graphic skills to cope 
with the fast-changing industry. 

Course certificate and Artwork Book upon course completion
Each student would be awarded with course certificate upon 
full attendance and respective artworks would be compiled into 
a book at the end of the course, which forms part of individual 
portfolio at job interview.

Individual equipment and comfortable learning environment
Each student is equipped with individual computer and is provided 
with comfortable learning environment.

Convenient location at convenient time
We are at Star City Complex and classes are offered 
from 7pm - 9pm. All at your convenience!
Oh and location:


For enquiries, contact the above number or leave a message at my comment box or reply to this link, here.


  1. macam best o.. :)

  2. @Pirut: XD heheheh join join or spread the news ;)

  3. Mas, got any flyers ? i can help to distribute here at my office

  4. @uncle greg: I'll ask my fren, I'll get back to you XD

  5. If I am there... I will go... ^_^

  6. Waah! it may be took me 28 years to become a PRO Photoshop user.. inikan pula 28 hours.. power jgk class nih!

  7. @eshark: se blajar sendrey, tapi inda pro XD