Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Slap Me Why Don't You?

I'm currently downstairs at the living room and watching the finale of Biggest Loser Asia. 

What's with the episode repeat man?!

Anyways, apart from that, I'm currently checking some new updates on clothes.  I pre-ordered two (2) bags *uhuk~ I need bags ogie?  It'll only arrive after 1 month.  Why did I order?  Coz I can't find the bags I wanted from the local store.  *sigh.  Iono man.  Why's that?  I need more bags.  Maybe I should fix my old bags huh? Or wash it?

I'm also playing some facebook games and blog hopping while waiting for the finale to start.  My brother just came back.  Oh yeah, Alice in Wonderland is showing on 11th March 2010.  It's this Thursday!  I wanna watch!

Aight enuff of that, I'm actually blogging to talk about this awesome blog site.  It's called Slap Me Why Don't You?  It contains post/experience of online sellers and buyers.  The stories are funny and interesting.  And I just couldn't stop checking for updates.  I started reading it few days ago and I couldn't seem to stop.  Double thumbs up for the blog creator for compiling this awesome blog site for everyone to share their experience with online blog shopping.  You, as the reader could leave comment and select the three (3) option which is to Slap Seller, Buyer or LOL.  Some of the stories are just too farnie.

So check it out people, and tell me how d'ya like it.

Click to visit: Slap Me Why Don't You?


  1. @Henry: dun slap me XD

  2. i need new bag! gimme the link please~ XD

  3. @Fara: I'll send you some links ;)

  4. Hahaha ... it's a cool site. I just checked it out :D

  5. @Nick: yeah, did you read about the buyer sending fake eyeballs and stuff? LOL oh man, so hilarious.

  6. The Biggest Loser is a bag of bones... ^-^

    I can never bring myself to buy things online. Sia mo juga pigang2 the bags, oso takut tu baju inda muat ba and all the hassle you go thru kalau the stuff inda pandai sampai2. Maybe im just too kampungan la... hehe

  7. @Nessa: so far no problem la, the clothes I bought mostly muat and yang tak muat tu etto, I put aside kekeke, as for bags, I've ordered em from the same blogshop. So far the problem I had were box remuk from pos laju *sigh.

  8. Adadah. The bittersweet of blogshopping kaitu?

    Slap? How 'bout spank? LOL

  9. @cicak: wuish ganas, main spanking.