Thursday, May 20, 2010

Accident in front of KKTS

The day started off kinda weird.  This morning, as I drove myself to work with the usual U-turn road, I come to realize the cars sort of stopped for no reason, well since I was trying to make a turn I'd be looking at left instead of right?  A kancil made a turn to another junction, that made me even curious.  Why is everyone stopping?  I only found out what's going on when I reach my turn.  The road ahead is filled with smokes.  I mean, mind you, there's like 2 lanes but seriously, I can't see shite capta'n.  It came from one of those lorries.  I was reluctant to go through that thick smoke, decided to wait till I saw another lorry drove through it.  Oh ogie, at least it helped make it clear LOL.  Oh and you must be wondering why I didn't pull out my camera and snap the incident?  I was too stunned by what happened before leaving the house and that.  When I was gonna take my camera out, I was too late heheh~ my bad.

Ogie, roll back for a sec, something happened before I left the house.  Yes, I saw my dad.  With his new look.  He dyed his hair, which is quite common if you ask me.  But wut got me speechless is the have this dark moustache.  I guess I'm not used to it.  Or maybe I just dislike moustaches?  hehe~  Regardless, I still love you dad! :)

Everything was sort of normal.  The same ol' boring day.  I could consider my days less boring coz I go up and down the stairs for the lulz.  I mean I hate to be sitting in front of the computer whole day.  Besides, I'd cut down on lunching.  Though, I still want that Mornflake oat cereal drink!  RAWR!

Which brings us to the most heated conversation of the day.  The accident, that happened sometime around 1-2pm?  Maybe?  Seriously, if you ask me, I couldn't remember hearing anything.  But colleague told me they heard a loud sound as they were coming down from 3rd floor.  That's when cleaner lady came with her daughter and told us about it.  We sort of rushed to the nearest window to see.  Busy body to be exact.  It's a bit hard to see when the windows are all tinted.  Thank gawd the accountant weren't in, we can sneaked into his room which leads us outside where the aircond compressor is.  Trust me, it's not fun squatting near the compressor, hot air.

Here's some photos I manage to take from zooming 24x with my compact camera.  Lucky for me it's clear.

Where it took place.  Now here's what happen.  According to the cleaner lady (no I did not talk to her, she just happen to talk so loud), said that both cars are from the same lane and the white Myvi sort of hit a tree and the divider and went to the other side, lucky it stopped at the speed limit sign.  If not, another person will cry coz quite a number of people park there.

Guess what?  The driver survived this with cuts and bruises only.  It's the tall dood wearing black singlet.  Notice the white viva?  Yes, I'm not sure if the owner knows about that.  But seriously lucky coz he/she was parking his/her car there.

The other car.  The driver standing next to it seems to be fine.  But the car doesn't look fine at all.

The fire hydrant and ambulance came but went off after awhile.  Since nobody got hurt.  I mean shouldn't they check on the people who involve in the accident?  They might have a concussion man.

It was after few minutes I saw people trying to flip the white Myvi using the tow truck and few other people pushing.  Waw.

Here, you can see the front car badly damage.  Damn tree!  I can't see shite.

Oh and check this out, badass cop.  I heard him shouting and whistling.  I think it's wise to have him there, onlookers are most likely stop and look look heheh.  Busy bodies.  Like me.  Only I won't bother to stop.  I'm at a better place with my camera which can zoom mwahahhahaha!

At around nearly 3pm, 1 tow truck tow the blue car away.  Mind you, there's like over 5 tow trucks there.  @_@ so many.

And finally, I manage to see how badly damage the car is.

He got 1 heck of a story to tell.  Look at that, issit even possible to fix that OMG!  Oh and if you're wondering the plat number of that car.  Hehehe, I took photo of it but it ain't so clear.  Anyone wanna get lotto?

Scary shite!  Seriously, I think that road (KK to Tg. Aru), which I take everyday is dangerous.  I mean seriously, you're coming from right side and wanna signal left, eventhough there's 3 lanes there, you can't see shite, I'm serious!  I had to turn my head to see, I don't care if I'm taking time, as long as I'm safe making my turn.  Heheh~

Last but not least, DRIVE SAFELY! DO NOT SPEED! (I know you guys prolly say *pft~ that coming from massy, seriously? have you seen her drive? *sweat~).

*Note:  Need to fix shoe insole ;_; blister.


  1. First, cantik o blog kau Mas, I like :)

    Second, I hope tiada serious injuries, malang tak berbau kan...

    Third, Mas~ kau pun drive laju!!! >_<

    Nyon :3

  2. @clay: Eeeee bidak oh se rasa, macam unorganize oh. Se mo laptop baru please. kthx.

    Yeah, ada injuries tapi inda teruk, but then again they should have check the dood la. I wonder how he manage to get out when the kereta terbalik like that oh, punya scary.

    Er, last, etto, I slowed down a bit sudah ok. Compared to er nvm. LUL~

  3. hahaha nice mas.. me also change my layout.. macam low-motivation plak kalau dark saja.. wahhh look at the car... is... dont speeding ... maybe the driver bit sleepy thats why jatuh parit

  4. @Aj: I think it was speed with x tinguk belakang punya pasal tu. Btw, eeeeeeee this layout is not organize. macam aku mo fix lagi.

  5. bulih bah.... its nice btw.. white is a pure colour

  6. LOL~ i thought i in a wrong blog... cuz MASSY KO PUN DRIVE FAST BAH~ *well, sia pun LOL*, but really, drive safety... not SPEED UP!

  7. @kuyachan: no speeding ;)

  8. Aiyoo, how did he manage that la? Must have been imaging himself as Michael Schumacher ... LOL!

  9. @Nick: yeah I wanna know the exact same thing XD