Monday, May 31, 2010

During the holiday...

I don't dislike holidays but when it is a holiday, eating habit kicks in.  I mean who would crazy enuff to hate em rite?  It's the time when you could laze around and do nothing.  Especially when you're out with your family.  But it also means that less time jogging.  It has been hmm 2 days? since I last jog.  I got the weather to blame.  It's been raining cats and dogs for days now.  Come on!!!

Am I getting old? It took me a bit to remember when did I last jog.  I think I didn't jog yesterday and today, yesterday I dun remember the rain though.  I was out with my family to 1B.  Parents wanted to check out the Sabah Best Expo while us siblings go check out the 80% Parkson Warehouse sale.  I got myself a new pair of running shorts since some of the old ones were loose.  Yes, I lost roughly 4.5kg in the past month and no, I'm not at my ideal weight yet.  Oh yeah, my bro also got himself a new shorts but guess wut?  He's one is cheaper than mine.  WTH!  He got it for RM18 while I got mine or RM24.90.  Pft~

Then there was dinner.  Since my plan was to skip dinner entirely, I've ate a slice of honeydew before we left the house earlier.  They went to Sushi King since Michi is closed and it was 5pm or so.  Parents were hungry.  I didn't order anything but took bits and pieces from my bro and sis.

Since it was curry month (actually May to be exact).  Bro had Curry Ramen.

Erm, not fond of this.  And my sis had Tempura Soba.

Love this!

My raves, here.

I think they're crazy.  Sis wanted ice cream, she made bro and dad order some too.

Green tea ice cream.  I heard it's sweet.  But hmm didn't bother to taste this.

New puppy at home.  Took this for my eldest sis to see.  So fat.

I'd love it if it's a cat.  XP

Somehow this shot looks farnie.  Puppy looks exactly like bro.  HEHEH~

And today, me and my siblings went to 1B again.  I thought I might as well get the same short that my bro had bought, well since it's cheaper, no harm in having more since I dun recall myself having a week's worth of running pants lol.  Yes, I'm greedy!  We were there around noon and went browsing.  Tina owez takes her time, slowpok.  Then went to Watson to get meself some fish oil, it's gewd for me legs, actually my left leg giving me a lot of problems, from muscle pain to knee pain to wutever pain you can think of.  And since Kahve Cafe were just right next to it.  Actually we were unsure if we wanted to eat there but since I remember reading a rave with gewd reviews before, we decided to try it.

Since they have like three (3) different set of lunch available on the menu, we decided to try all.  Actually I was planning to get salad but my bro tarp me into it *sigh.

There's also have set breakfast.

Oh yeah and it's my bro's b'day, so he gets to say anything for today.  FOR TODAY only!!!!  I let you say or do anything you want XP  I gave him an early present liao hehehe

Revoltech Ricky, that's what I gave him.

And he'd got my sis to get him this jacket.

Anyways back to the fewd.

Here's Soup of the Day.

Cream soup.  Somehow with pepper this could be addictive.

Your choice of drink: watermelon juice or ice lemon tea.  Sorry I'd go for watermelon juice in this case ;3

My sis had Grilled Black Pepper Chicken.

My bro had Fried Chicken Whole Leg.

I had Fish and Chips, I think I had 1/4 of this only XD

My raves, here.

Perfection is when you don't have to HIDE. hur hur hur

We were there till 3pm.  There's nothing much to do when you're at 1B really.  It started to rain heavily!

And since my bro were craving for hot buns from Ban Hing, we went to Menggatal town.  Yes, I'm fulfilling his requirements since it's his special day.  I'm a very nice sister XP

The plan was to get 4, one for us each and my sis wants 2.  My bro said when he got there, there were only 3 but luckily there's some fresh from the oven ones so he got 5 instead LOL!

We had to eat it while it's hot.  In the car yes.

That pretty much wraps it up!  Tomorrow still holiday!  Must wake up early for jog.  WARGH! I can't have another break.  But then, I have to rest my legs.  Pft~ my legs are old, can I detach and get a new pair?


  1. aiiiyyooo lapar.... massy dont push too much.. 3 times a week pun ok pigi jog but all those foods ur bro or yours?? hehehehe massy... daging yang sedap

  2. @Aj, bukan saya punya tu. Mine is fish and chips only I had er sikit coz I wanted to eat salad bah tu. Yee~ se makan sikit tapi gain 1kg benci oh.

  3. cuba hantar the food pigi my place. looks very yummy.

  4. ooooooo tu pula kau buat cuti....makaaan ja hah....jangan lupa 7K run is coming soon~

  5. Its been months since i jog...just can't bring my legs off the bed lol.
    Dun laze like me or u will not touch ur running pants again haha~

  6. @chegu: hahahahah XD

    @clay: cubex tu yang banyak makan, kasau diet urang.

    @kelvin: oho~ currently lost 2 days worth of jog days urgh.

  7. itu puppy betul2 macam Cubex punya tuan ni. Sama ohh!!

  8. @Flannie: I know rite? XD