Monday, July 30, 2007

The Non Edited Shots

Well, some of it?

Still from Alice In Wonderland photoshoot. I must say this keyboard is getting on my nerves. I need new keyboard! T_T

This was suppose to be part of the scene?

We wanted him to climb the tree. But since got ants, nvm la, this will do hehe XD

Alice: "You're under my spell"

My bro with the fish lip *cough

There's more shots but I'm thinking whether I should edit it. Hmm


  1. I think the non edited pics look as nice as the edited ones! great job!

  2. thanks shemah *hugs

  3. Woahhhhhhh! I love the props! Where and how did you get them? Your models are so at ease, and they look as if they're having fun! *two thumbs up*

    My favourite of the lot has to be the last picture. Very candid!

    Can't wait to see my photos from you! =)

  4. thanks huiwen, well actually most of the candid shots i took is when i bug in to another photographer shooting XD

    the last photo is seriously funny. XD there's more funny candid shots that i wanted to post hahaha..omg~ i'll show u some.

    tsk tsk. i'm still learning to shoot properly XD

  5. These are more like it massy! I love the candids.. And the composition of the pics are (personally for me) better, than the edited ones.. The last one was awesome! Keep it up girl! :D

  6. syura: kekekek tq.