Wednesday, July 18, 2007

File Recovery Software

No I'm not a blog addict. I won't confess to dat. No way! :P

Anyways, this is coz I wanted to share something hehe~

Earlier after lunch as I was going back to the office with Amy. We went to lunch yes. Show u the fewd later XD my fren, from the old company I work for, called me for help. *cough cough. Yes these kinda stuff owez happen. Even when I was in college my classmates will call me about computer related stuff *cough. So, this time, the problem is, she unaccidently deleted her files, specifically most of her photos in her external hddisk. *cough. Yes, I slightly panic too coz I know how that would feels like. I love my photos XD Anyways, back to wut I was saying. Hmm, she was asking me whether there's a way to retrieve all those files. Yes, I was blur coz I never do retrieving unless it's in my Recycle Bin. But no, these stuff aren't in the recycle bin, it's as the same way as deleting a file from ur thumb drive.

So, back to the office and I did a search on data/file recovery and asked her to try on this software. PC Inspector File Recovery software. It's a free software btw. I never tried it before hahahah XD Anyways, she tried it and guess wut? She got her files back. Yay!

Juz in case any of u guys lost ur files unaccidently like she did. Try this software hehe XD

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