Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Surprisingly, this week, I'm kinda lucky. YAY! Gewddie! Lucky for parking. Starting this week, I went out for work as usual and arrive roughly around the same time and I no need to wait for parking.
I wish the luck won't run out! Have anyone watch tv2 korean drama? "Sad Sonata". Oooooo so very nice. Everyday except Friday from 6pm to 7pm. Ooooo my mum was crying most of the time. The suckie part maybe coz they speak chinese (which they dun actually? It should be korean!!!! It would definately sound better with that language). Huhu~~~
I'm trying to cut down fewd again. I think I gained a bit of weight. A bit too much. *pffttttttttt~~~ and for some info, Likas Mart dun have that points card anymore. Change of management lur~.
Note: Have you ever hated somebody that you think that after you left the company, that you might, you might just forget? Hahhahah, crap man! Imagine this, we (most of us, from the old company) still hates the same person again. Coz she's stewped and slow. She pretend to care and she thinks she so smart. *pffffftttttt~~~ vomits~ wakkaka I shouldn't be toking about her anymore but I do. Oh noi~!
Oh guess wut? My sis haven't been home for 2 days. As so I heard. Hmmm been partying I guess? And overnighting hekeh~


  1. You actually DID blog... oklah, not QUITE so lazy.

    Oh yeah, just finished watching Naruto till 183 :P

  2. U know I still haven't watch that yet. *sigh~ I only watched till like wut's the episode the other day? 170++?

  3. heheh... spoilers? want?